2003 318 - Sticky Central Locking - castledawson
Hi folks, been reading this and hope some very kind people can help me out. My wife has a March 2003 BMW 318 ti se compact with 45k on the clock. We've had it about 3 years now and i have to say its not caused any hassle - until now. the central locking keeps jamming, if we're inside when the car is stopped after a journey, neither the central locking button beside the gear stick will work, nor will pressing the 'open' button on the key fob. It seems to be an intermittent problem. Even when we want to open the car before we get into it, its a real pain, sometimes only the drivers open, but more often than not the car remains locked. And sod's law it had to happen when we were showing the car to some prospective purchasers..... my luck all over. I dont think its the key fob battery, it happens with 2 keys. I dont want to get robbed at a bmw garage, any ideas??

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