cam belt - Chum
I deceided that it would be prudent to replace the cam belt kit,as this was a secound hand car,with no reference to the cambelt being replaced.A Good Year kit was installed.
This engine ran very silently prior to replacement.
I had to return the car next morning to the garage as it was making a grinding noise in the cam belt housing.The mechanic listened to the noise and said that it had to "bed in", and I should just drve the car.
Excuse me,I may look like a cabbage,but Iam not green.(My own thoughts.)
There is nothing to bed in,rubber does not need to bed in and the only other part is the tensioner.
I have taken the car back but the mechanic stll insists that all is well,even after taking the cover off.
But the grinding noise persists.
Can you help?
cam belt - bell boy
difficult to say without hearing the noise? can you do a youtube link with video?
belts can be noisier when changed,youve brought it to your fitters attention ,give it a few days see if it does go quiet
ok pal ,chum:-)

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cam belt - 659FBE
This is not right. Is your car petrol or diesel (should be in subject header)?

The camshaft drives on PSA cars (petrol and diesel) are well engineered and run silently for a long time. As an absolute minimum, remove the top belt cover and observe what's happening with the engine running.

A belt from this maker is the only one I've fitted and had fail prematurely (on a Ford CVH engine) - I don't buy these any more. In my view, Dayco make the best belts for this engine.

cam belt - Carl2
"Gates" are fitted as standard to some of these engines. They are second to none.
cam belt - Chum
This a petrol engine and todate I have travelled 155 miles,still making noise.Problem with fitters is that if I were to ask to be there when the cover is taken off,they appear to be offended.Like I was asking to attend brain surgery.
Thanks for your replies.
cam belt - piston power
Get a second opinion like that of the dealer ask for it written down if there is a problem and go from there.
The sound of trading standards from your lips might get them to get there finger out!
cam belt - Carl2
These belts are now tensioned using a seem tensioner but they used to be tensioned using a "special tool" that was just a lever with a weight hung from it was not unheard of for the lever to be fitted with the tensioning weight in a clockwise direction, this is wrong and will cause the belt to be noisey. Its also possible if the waterpump has been changed at any time that the teeth are of an incorrect profile. I`m assuming u have a single cam engine.

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