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00 1.8 Zetec -re-fitting speed sensor problems - xxbarbsxx
Hi all

I am looking for some advice please on my situation?.

My Ford Focus had problems with the speedo dropping to zero and the engine cutting out (stalling) when coming to a junction and dropping into 2nd gear. As the engine management light came on I was advised by a garage to check the engine management.

I had the engine management checked and there was no faults found.

Then I read your threads and advice on the problem being the vehicle speed sensor (very good advice can I mention) so I bought the vehicle speed sensor from ford (for those who want to know it cost me £26.60)

I was intending on having it fitted by them too but the person was insistent that I needed to have a diagnostic check first at the cost of £42 to check it was this. I thought yeah and ill have this done too and there will be no faults found. Plus I just don?t have the money to keep throwing at checks.

So anyway I had it fitted by another garage and when they was fitting it, it took them over an hour and a half to get the pin out that holds the sensor into the gearbox, I could see and hear them hitting it with a hammer and getting more and more frustrated with it but I thought they are a garage they must know what they are doing!!

They said that the pin had seized and was a nightmare to get out I thought ok and hoped this had now sorted the problem.

I can say this has fixed the stalling problem and the car drives lovely now. (It was driving lumpy as well before)

BUT yes here is a but??.

The speedo now is bouncing ?. Not a problem I had before ? when it was working it would go up and down lovely now it bounces especially if you go above 40 it jumps from 40 to 50 and higher if you go faster so you actually don?t know how fast you are driving!!!!!!!!!

I phoned the garage I had it done at explained the problem and took it back but to be phoned and told after they had took the sensor out again to check there was no oil or anything around it they had noticed some grating on it. They stuck their finger into the gearbox and there seems to be a bit of metal sticking out inside the gearbox that shouldn?t be there. Ok I thought how much?. Well £180 to take the gearbox off and on and they would have to send it off to a specialist to strip it down find the metal fault and fix (£200,£300???????) or drive it how it is. Well I don?t have that kind of money so the answer was drive it how it is.

I went to pick up the car and he took me to show me another gearbox and explain what is the problem?ALARM BELLS STARTED RINGING?..was he at fault for the damage?????????
Could they have hit the end of the pin and poked the pin through the gearbox and that was the metal inside???????????

Was the damage caused by hitting the gearbox with a hammer for over an hour?????????

Please please please tell me what you think?.


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00 1.8 Zetec -re-fitting speed sensor problems - elekie&a/c doctor
replacement of the speed sensor on these can be a real pig of a job.Firstly,the securing pin gets seized in the gearbox casing although usually they do come out with some very carefull persuasion.Secondly,the sensor itself (plastic body)can get stuck in the gearbox and the top part can snap off leaving the remainder in the housing.(another drama).It is possible that being a little over zealous with the hammer could have damaged the aluminium housing of the gearbox and put the sensor out of alignment with the metal pulse generator on the output shaft,thus causing the needle to bounce.hth
00 1.8 Zetec -re-fitting speed sensor problems - xxbarbsxx

Thank you for your replies but can i just ask a another couple of questions if you know the answer??

Would it be cheaper for me to replace the gearbox or take to a specialist to strip??? Rough costs aswell please????

And if the answer is strip does anyone know of any specialists in Herts????

I know im a pain...Im a woman lol


00 1.8 Zetec -re-fitting speed sensor problems - Tom234

Secondly,the sensor itself (plastic body)can get stuck in the gearbox and the top part can snap off leaving the remainder in the housing.(another drama)

I currently have this problem guys and I was wondering if there is an easy way of getting the stuck half in the gearbox out without taking the gearbox apart? Any help or comments would be very much appreciated. Thanks


00 1.8 Zetec -re-fitting speed sensor problems - injection doc
As elecki says these can be real drama & do tend to sieze but I have had this problem myself & have had several where they have run low on oil & the diff bearings have suffered causing the diff to float causing an erratic speedo. Dont imidiately think the garage has caused the problem as whilst they struggled to change the sensor they may of inherited a worn gearbox and only a specialist will be able to tell you more once it is stripped down!
Rgds Doc
00 1.8 Zetec -re-fitting speed sensor problems - xxbarbsxx
Sorry i should have replied to this message i messed up the thanks was to you both
Thanks Barb
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