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Water in footwell (2006 ST TDCi Estate) - hillman1 {p}
Hi there,

Just spoken to my brother who has an 06 ST TDCi Estate and he is having problems with water coming into the passenger footwell. I don't know whether it is when he is parked on flat/slope etc but wondered if there is a known problem with this. The car doesn't have a sunroof if that helps.

The car is booked into the supplying dealer in several weeks time, but I thought I would post in case there was something he could do in the meantime.

Cheers all,

Water in footwell - ST Driver
Hi there,

I am the brother!

The car was parked facing downhill over night, but I noticed the dampness after driving home through rain this morning.

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks,

Water in footwell - hillman1 {p}
Welcome!!! Hope someone can help!
Water in footwell - Carse

Don't know if this is related but my 06 ST TDCI let water into the rear passenger side foot well about 3 months ago. Ford had to replace all the door seals (under warranty) to solve the problem.

The other possible option is a poor service, if the vehicle has been recently serviced and the pollen filter was changed I am led to believe it is easy to fit these incorrectly allowing water to penetrate the front foot well?s.

Water in footwell - ST Driver
Well my car is booked in for Ford to look at the fault, but they can't do it until the 15th October! They need it for 2 days and I need a car while they do it.

The car has also just had its 12,500 mile service, but i do not believe this goes near the pollen filter! I have just spoken to Ford and they say it shouldn't have been touched. (Which doesn't mean it wasn't of course!)

I might have to get a Haines manual and have a little look at the pollen filter myself.

Many thanks,


Water in footwell - Carse
As you can see below, 3 lines from the bottom the pollen filter can be changed but they say it should be at the customer request. So could easily have been done either as miscommunication from the service reception or by an over zealous mechanic.


Interim Service & Convenience Checks - Mondeo [2.2L DURATORQ-TDCI/MAN] - 1 Years (12500 ml)
Driving Vehicle into Workshop
Instrument gauges, warning/control lights and horn Check operation
Clutch Check operation/adjust, if necessary
Washers, wipers Check operation/adjust, if necessary

Inside Vehicle
Exterior and respective control lights; instrument cluster illumination Check operation/condition
Handbrake Check operation/adjust, if necessary
Seat belts, buckles and stalks Check operation/condition
Warning vest Check availability - if applicable
First aid kit Check availability and expiry date - if applicable
Warning triangle Check availability - if applicable

Outside Vehicle
Road (MOT) test Check regarding next road (MOT) test due date - if applicable
Emission test Check regarding next emission test due - if applicable

Under Hood
Wiring, pipes, hoses, oil and fuel feed lines Check for routing, damage, chafing and leaks
Engine, vacuum pump, heater and radiator Check for damage and leaks
Coolant Check anti-freeze concentration: °C
Coolant expansion tank, washer reservoirs and battery Check/top up fluid levels as necessary - in case of abnormal fluid loss, a separate order is required to investigate and rectify
Power steering fluid Check/top up fluid levels as necessary - in case of abnormal fluid loss, a separate order is required to investigate and rectify
Fuel filter Drain water, if not renewed - Diesel models (with drain facility)
Headlamp alignment Check - adjust alignment, if necessary
Brake fluid Check/top up fluid levels as necessary - in case of abnormal fluid loss, a separate order is required to investigate and rectify

Under Vehicle
Engine Drain oil and renew oil filter
Steering, suspension linkages, ball joints, sideshaft joints, gaiters Check for damage, wear, security and rubber deterioration
Engine, transmission Check for damage and leaks
Pipes, hoses, wiring, oil and fuel feed lines, exhaust Check for routing, damage, chafing and leaks
Underbody + Check condition of PVC coating
Tyres Check wear and condition, especially at tyre wall, note tread depth RF mm, LF mm, LR mm, RR mm

Brake system + With wheels on, check brake pads and discs for wear. Check rear brake linings for wear. (More often under severe duty conditions).

Outside Vehicle
Engine Refill engine oil
Tyres Adjust pressure
Instant Mobility System Check best before date on tyre sealant - if applicable
Spare wheel Adjust pressure, check wear - condition (note tread depth) mm

Luggage compartment lamp + Check operation - if applicable
Service reminder sticker Affix to driver side B pillar

Extended Period Maintenance
Brake system Every 2 years - Renew - brake fluid (LTS 12 154 4)
Air conditioning Every 3 years - Check temperture at the evaporator outlet tube. Check air conditioning lines for damage and leaks (LTS 34 619 1) (TSB 67/2002)
Cooling system Every 10 years - Drain, flush and refill with purple Super Plus(LTS 24 122 4)
Auxiliary drive belts Every 125 000 miles/10 years - Renew
Auxiliary drive belts Every 100 000 miles/8 years - Renew rear belt

Extra Services and Additional Offers * (optional - upon customer request / charged seperately)
Interior Filter Replacement Pollen / Odour filter - remove and install. (LTS 34 350 1)
AC Maintenance Package Air Conditioning (A.C.) system check. Apply A.C. cleaner to air distribution system. (LTS 54 552 4)

Water in footwell - Red Baron
I bet that the sealant that holds on the door membrane has a hole in it. This allows water to drip onto the door cladding which then runs onto the rubber seal on the sill.

Is the rubber seal on the sill wet?

This can only puddle so much water before the rest runs into the car.

If the car is parked on the level, then the carpet at the side of the seat becomes wet. If the car is parked nose-downhill, then the footwell becomes wet.
Water in footwell - ST Driver
Hi there!

Thanks for all the replies!

I drove the car home today from work, no rain, but when I got home, the footwell was wet. I don't think it is coming from the door area as the very front of the footwell is damp (the bit as far from the seat as you can get)

I have ordered the Haynes Manual so will have a look at the pollen filter when it arrives.

I also use the Climate Control all the time, any possibility that this is the reason?

Many thanks


Water in footwell - Lou_O
I had a Mondeo that used to leak into passenger footwell, mine was an M reg, so a bit older, but it may be the same problem.

I found that water was entering the cabin air filter, located on the engine bay firewall on the passenger side. The water then made it's way thru the fan module and into the footwell.

I fixed the problem with some bathroom sealant.

IIRC I had to remove the plastic trim around the wipers and then it was easy.

Good luck,

Water in footwell - TurboD
Are you sure it is not the pollen filter/odour filter?, can be a problem and will be passenger side, on Duratec HE it is a 2 year change, don't know about posh ones
why would door suddenly leak?, unless taken door card off.
Water in footwell - ST Driver
I am thinking it probably is the Pollen Filter, but until my Haynes Manual arrives from Amazon, I wouldn't have a clue about trying to get to it!

Water in footwell - Dynamic Dave
I am thinking it probably is the Pollen Filter

Why wait when the info is readily available on the net:-


Water in footwell - Another John H
Why do it when it's under warrantee?

If you don't fix it, when the technicians look at the car they will know somebody has been meddling and think they've found the cause of the problem.

Then you probably get billed for them "repairing" your work, while missing the real fault.

You then try again to get a warrantee fix...
Water in footwell - ST Driver
Because they can't do it for another 2 weeks as they need the car for two days and I need a car while they do it and I don't want too much water in the car! Believe me I would rather they did it tomorrow! I will probably not touch it anyway!

Water in footwell - Lou_O
>> I am thinking it probably is the Pollen Filter
Why wait when the info is readily available on the net:-

Even though my mondeo was a lot older than the one pictured the solution was very similar.

I think the OP should take a look, I reckon this is the fix.


Water in footwell - kithmo
Have a look at the bottom of the windscreen, on the passenger side, is there a gap between the screen and the black plastic cowling ?
There should be no gap, cowling has a lip on its underside that sits under the bottom of the screen and a strip of sponge that acts as a seal. If the cowling has not been re-fitted correctly then water will go down the gap and onto the pollen filter soaking it. Ford, in their wisdom, decided not to fit a cover over the pollen filter on the Mk3, which doesn't help.
BTW the pollen filter is changed at every service on the Mk3.
2005 Ford Mondeo Zetec 2.0 TDCi 130ps
Water in footwell (2006 ST TDCI Estate) - ST Driver
Right then, the car has gone in today 2 days before the its first birthday and the warranty runs out!

I have been given a Grande Punto 1.2 as a courtesy car. It is rubbish!

Also The dealer had no record of it being a Ford Direct car. Then argued the toss with me when I pointed out this had happened since the service and when I mentioned the Pollen filter he said it wasn't a Focus so it wouldn't be that! I pointed out that that was what had been suggested and he said 'I bet you have been on Forums' I said yes as i had had to wait so long. He then said this was my fault for wanting a courtesy car! I was fuming to say the very least, but need the car fixed. That is the last time it goes there!

I then phoned Ford Direct who, so far, have been very good at solving the registration problems.........

Time will tell.............
Water in footwell (2006 ST TDCI Estate) - ST Driver
Car has been returned to me today!

According to the boys at Ford, the problem was caused by a drainage tube behind the scuttle not being sealed. This has now been sealed so we will see how it goes.

Many thanks for all the advice.

Mondeo ST TDCI Beast!
Water in footwell (2006 ST TDCI Estate) - TurboD
These have three year warranty- why do you say 'two days before warranty expired' is it an import?
Clearly, dealers are different, my Ford Dealer{now spelt correctly, and not the slang version-DD}, Sandicliffle, has never argued the toss, but I have only had one fault- so perhaps been lucky.

Edited by Dynamic Dave on 16/10/2007 at 21:01

Water in footwell (2006 ST TDCI Estate) - hillman1 {p}
The vehicle was a UK supplied Ford Direct car and ST Driver (my brother) had been told by the dealer doing the repair that Water Ingress, seals etc were not covered after the first year. Not sure if I agree with that, but judging by the dealers attitude.......
Water in footwell (2006 ST TDCI Estate) - ST Driver
So what is a normal Ford warranty then? ( not Ford Direct)

Is it one year or three?

Because if it is 3 what is the point of a Ford Direct warranty?

It will be the last one I buy at this rate......

If it is 3 then does that include everything?

The dealer is trying to say it is one for a used car........

Which is why I went Ford Direct

Edited by ST Driver on 18/10/2007 at 21:53

Water in footwell (2006 ST TDCI Estate) - Saltrampen
I believe it is a one year fairly comprehensive warranty then it changes for years 2 and 3 with some exclusions such as paintwork and trim.

I'm sure I read in a what car review of warranties last year that the ford warranty is not quite the same as a full 3 year warranty offered by one or two other manufacturers.

However it sounds like although damage caused by water ingress is not covered nor is a failing trim part, a drainage tube failing is not trim part so I guess they would pay for that to be repaired but not any damage caused by its failure.

Water in footwell (2006 ST TDCI Estate) - paulb {P}
I believe it is a one year fairly comprehensive warranty then it changes for years
2 and 3 with some exclusions such as paintwork and trim.

That's what I was told by the dealer I go to, certainly. The first year warranty is actually pretty generous by comparison with other makes (IME, I hasten to add). I got a couple of minor things (legacies of rental co ownership) sorted out under warranty on the Mondeo that others would have dismissed as wear and tear or accidental damage - gear-lever gaiter with hole in it was a case in point. This sort of thing is very definitely not covered in subsequent years.
Water in footwell (2006 ST TDCI Estate) - ST Driver
Well the problem has returned! I will phone the dealer on Wednesday.
Water in footwell (2006 ST TDCI Estate) - ST Driver
Right then. Last October (15/16th) the car was booked into my local dealership. The car was with them for 2 days. When I picked the car up they told me the problem was caused by a detached drain pipe in the bulkhead. All was well until driving home from work on Christmas day in the morning when I noticed the water had returned. I phoned the dealership today (27th) and they have said it is not under warranty anymore. I told them that I was not impressed that the same fault appears to have returned so then phoned FoMoCo to express my displeasure about the fact that the car they sold me was crap and leaky! They told me that if it is found to be the same fault they would possibly contribute upto 60% of the cost but if it was a different fault I would be expected to bear the full cost myself. So how can I prove or not it was the same fault? What is to stop the dealership being 'economical' with the truth about the fault to make sure Ford don't have to pay for the repairs?

I don't want to have to go through the small claims procedure, but may have too as I don't believe that spending £16,500 on a car that leaks is acceptable!

Would I be able to reject the vehicle if the fault reappears for a third time within a year?

Water in footwell (2006 ST TDCI Estate) - cheddar
Look at the scuttle plate at the base of the windscreen, this is a plastic panel that meets the base of the screen and is kind of under the near side wiper arm (assuming it is the same as mine) you will see a couple of drainage slots, there is a plastic tube welded to the underneath of this panel, chances are this has become detached, it did on mine, the scuttle panel was replaced under warranty and all has been well since.

A temporary solution (that I did while awaiting the car's visit to the dealer) and a way of proving that this is the problem is to dry the scuttle panel and tape over the slots with insulating tape, if no more water comes in then you know that this is the cause. Also covering the slots does not cause any problems, it just allows a puddle to form.

If it the same fault then they are obliged to fix it under warranty at no cost to you, it it is a different fault then a goodwill contribution is not to be sniffed as it is now out of warranty.

Perhaps the line to take is that you reported a wet carpet, not a detached pipe so as far as you are concerned it is the same problem re-occured. I.e. let the onus be on them to prove it is a different fault.
Water in footwell - Monsieur Kev
I had a 2004 5 door Ghia hatchback that leaked water into the front footwells AND the rear right door at the bottom.

The dealership completely gutted the interior of my car to find the front leak and a new windscreen cured the problem.

Even with a new door seal, the rear leak was never cured. There must be some bad body pressings out there. My current Mondeo estate is fine and dry.
Water in footwell - splash
On my mondeo I also had the problem of water in the front passenger footwell. Mine was leaking around the pollen filter housing seal to the metal scuttle panel. Water then slopped over the slight ridge, down through the fan and into the car. To check if yours is doing the same, check the condition of the interior trim panel under the passenger glovebox. You may need to take it off, or remove the glovebox itself to see the trim panel. It is a sound deadening fibre panel. Mine was saturated and slowly dripping down the front of the footwell and soaking the carpet. It did not have to be raining that day since the sound deadening material holds huge amounts of water. To solve the problem, I had to get a new rubber seal that fits between the black plastic pollen filter housing and the metal scuttle. Its an easy diy job, although a little fiddly. My seal had not been fitted correctly so water in the scuttle, that would normally drain through a small hole and a tube to the underside of the left wing, was instead slopping over the rim of the scuttle seal and running into the footwell. Seal costs about 6 pounds, but it cost me huge amounts of time and effort to find the problem. Good Luck !!
Water in footwell - ST Driver
Many thanks for all the replies. Sorry I haven't responded as I have been on Holiday. I picked my car up from a Friends yesterday and it had a flat battery. The electrics went a bit nuts for a while...( switch on headlights and headlight washer went, no P/S ABS T/C, windscreen wipers etc. All seems ok now though! Thing is there was water in both front footwells. I am going into Ford today with it so hopefully it will be sorted this time!
Water in footwell (2006 ST TDCi Estate) - esoxlucias

follow this link i did mine in 30 mins hope it helps. tells you all about mondeos problems fixes the lot with photos.


Water in footwell (2006 ST TDCi Estate) - ST Driver
Right I should have updated this a lot sooner! The fault turned out to be a problem with the air con draining into the car due to a broken part deep in the dash.

It was pinpointed only after I insisted that the fault was air con related as only happened when climate was on cooling. Long and short of it was that Ford contributed 800 quid of the 1200 quid bill. Stating that the part that had failed was trim and only covered by the 1 year warranty. The car was off the road for about 1 month in bits waiting for Ford to supply the part during which time the dealership gave me a Ford Ka. I should add that the dealership I used last were brilliant in every respect.

I think that we could have got Ford to pay the whole bill if we had taken them to court as the problem had been there before the car was a year old but annoyingly couldn't be bothered as my wife was heavily pregnant and we had other things on our mind!

I will take comfort in knowing I shall never buy another Ford again and where possible never give them any thing for parts!

The car has in the last few months been leaking again but this time it was the door membrane.

So far it has had 4 EGR valves, 1 water pump, 1 boost hose, shocks, top mount and 1 pulley kit replaced. There is a knocking from the front now when on right lock so it is going in for that! It has now done 122,000 miles at approx 23,000 miles a year.

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