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Just had an interesting week driving around Italy in a Lancia Ypsilon - two door "luxury" supermini (www.lanciaypsilon.com/ypsilon/eng/home.html )

We went for the cheapest car we could hire and I must say it's impressive. Ours had climate control and was plenty big enough for me to drive, and notably wide enough. I can't get comfortable in a Panda as it's too narrow for my frame.

One of its best tricks was to be nimble and nippy in town, yet quiet and comfortable on the autostrada, happily pootling along at 140km/h in traffic. It didn't set the world alight with acceleration but with a bit of planning it was fine. Not sure which engine we had, but it was petrol and not an auto gearbox. I've been struggling trying to find out what the car costs - looks very expensive to import (£12k) but I'm thinking it's substantially cheaper in Italy.

It's a shame that the 70s reputation of Lancia damaged the brand to the point that they no longer sell them here. It's a nice car, and I should think, fairly cheap too.

As an aside, I had to find a new 500, saw only two on the roads, but a nose around the FIAT showroom in Monza allowed me to have a good look at the car (you wouldn't want to go on holiday with me - HEY! look....a FIAT showroom). It's very cute. Brilliant interior but worryingly sporting powered by Windows Mobile stickers. The colour co-ordinated dash (a la FIAT Coupe) is just great. I think AlteaEgo liked it too, it will take a big chunk of sales out of the MINI - and will eclipse the Twingo launch here.

The cinquecento has that amazing ability to make you think .... well, it's a bit tight for me to sit here in the driving seat but I could live with it...it is so cute...
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Ypsilon, driving experience. - Aprilia
You might like to know that Lancia will be coming back to the UK in October 2008. They will be selling from ALFA sites. Delta is the first car available - maybe they'll bring in other models if things go OK?
Ypsilon, driving experience. - mike hannon
As a former very happy Lancia owner I am pleased that they are returning to the UK. But hearing they will be sold from Alfa sites makes my heart sink before the show even gets on the road.
In France the Ypsilon is, for some strange reason, also called the 'elefantino' - presumably 'baby elephant'?
Pleeeeeeease Lancia, don't do that in the UK - 15 years ago I pleaded with you not to use the name 'Dedra' and you wouldn't listen...
Ypsilon, driving experience. - stevied
As far as I recall (I used to have an Ypsilon brochure knocking about), the elephant thing is used in Italy as well.. it denotes trim level or something. Or used to, anyway.

Huge knowledge, there, a worthwhile addition to this thread...

I am pleased that Lancia are coming back, although I still haven't forgiven them for not making the new Fulvia. I know it's retro, blah blah etc. but it's gorgeous. And they won't make it. And that makes me cry.

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Lancia Ypsilon, both old and new is, without a doubt, the ugliest small car on the continent. It's looks like pregnant Fiat 500 violated by SsangYong Radius. Awful interior as well, centre speedo, cheap, silver painted plastics mixed with black trim, fake velour slapped randomly around dashboard and gear lever panel overhanging from messy centre console like urinal with toilet brush stuck in the middle. Just awful. And then there is engine range, the slow, slower and diesel slow (16 seconds to 62mph or thereabout from Fiat's MultiJet?).
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Ypsilon, driving experience. - Collos25
Its a Fiat punto with a different body.
Ypsilon, driving experience. - Citroënian {P}

I disagree entirely.

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Ypsilon, driving experience. - Collos25
Its built on the same platform and has the same engines and geargox as do certain small Alfas.
Ypsilon, driving experience. - Collos25
An all-new version was launched in 2003, still only with a three-door body, and now based on the second Fiat Punto. The Ypsilon is Lancia's best-selling model, in spite of the fact Fiat Auto is trying to market the Lancia brand as luxury. The engine range goes from 1.2 to 1.4-litre petrols alongside the 1.3 MultiJet Diesel, with power going from 44 kW (60 PS) to 70 kW (95 PS). The second generation has increased interior room and more equipment, including standard ABS, air conditioning and optional CD player, cruise control, alloy wheels and a sequential manual gearbox. A five-door mini MPV version of the Ypsilon is sold as the Musa.

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Ypsilon, driving experience. - tr7v8
In France the Ypsilon is for some strange reason also called the 'elefantino' - presumably
'baby elephant'?

Mike, it's Lancia history as detailed below nowt to do with trim levels.
There are contrasting stories and legends regarding the origin of this elephant, including the simple "the elephant never forgets". We do know that in 1953 the then Managing Director of Lancia, Gianni Lancia, chose it as a good luck token for the Company's first racing appearances. The symbol of the galloping elephant apparently originates in Eastern mythology as an auspicious emblem or symbol of victory, providing the trunk is stretched forward. This is how the elephant chosen by Gianni Lancia was drawn, first in light blue and later as now in bright red.

Ypsilon, driving experience. - barchettaman
.....A five-door mini MPV version of the Ypsilon is sold as the Musa.....

It´s a Fiat Idea with a nose job. Looks pretty good actually.

We were whisked up to Riva from Bergamo in the big Lancia saloon this summer - funny looking thing. Think it´s called the Thesis. Air conditioned luxury, bla bla bla, but rubbish headroom in the back.

They also do a rebodied Alfa 156, the Lybra, which looks OK as an estate but the saloon has been whacked with the ugly stick, big time. No sign of a replacement for that either.
Ypsilon, driving experience. - mike hannon
>Mike, it's Lancia history as detailed below nowt to do with trim levels.

Thanks for that, very interesting. I've heard the Eastern explanation before.
Just seems a shame that they picked it to use on what does look like an overweight small car! Most of the Ypsilons I see are actually white, with a weird contrasting browny two-tone scheme. Bit of an elephant colour really...
All the Lancias are on sale in France but to no great effect, mainly because they have indeed been hit hard with the ugly stick. Somebody once said Fiat sets its best designers to work on Alfas, then stamps on their fingers and lets them design Fiats, then chops their hands off and sets them to work on Lancias. Sad.
In my unceasing search for something different I took out a Kappa a few years ago - a nice-driving biggish motor not unrelated to the earlier Thema and with the Fiat 5-cylinder 2.4 diesel. It was quite satisfactory but I kept asking myself what it was actually for. I was also afraid that if the badge fell of somebody might think I'd bought a Fiat Croma - horrors.
Ypsilon, driving experience. - J Bonington Jagworth
>also called the 'elefantino'

Just hope they don't do it in white...
Ypsilon, driving experience. - J Bonington Jagworth
"worryingly sporting powered by Windows Mobile stickers."

Would worry me, too! What is that 'powered by' appellation, anyway? Do marketing people really not know the difference between a source of energy and a piece of unreliable software? That's a rhetorical question, BTW...

Thanks to an old laptop that passed through here recently, our kitchen bin now sports a 'designed for Windows NT' sticker. It seemed appropriate.
Ypsilon, driving experience. - malteser
Ypsilon:- Agree - quite a few OTR here- horrid ugly little sheds!
Roger. (Costa del Sol, España)

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