Dealer didn't tell me my car had been repaired after a serious accident. Can I demand a refund?

Eight weeks ago, I traded my car in for a 2017 Honda Jazz. I've just noticed that the paint on the front wing looks slightly different than the rest of the car. On closer inspection I also found a strip of masking tape adjacent to the door hinge. I have been able to contact the previous owner due to service receipts left in the car, and they informed me that the car had been involved in a collision with a bus. I was told that it had been repaired at the same main dealer that I purchased it from so they were fully aware of the previous damage. Would I be within my rights to demand a full refund?

Asked on 18 May 2020 by Mike H

Answered by Dan Powell
The dealer has misled you during the sales process by not disclosing this essential information. Take the car back and demand a full refund. I would also report the dealer to Honda UK and Trading Standards. Dealers have been obliged to disclose this type of information for several years now and it's disappointing to read that some are still ignoring the rules. For your consumer rights, see:
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