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What should I tell my insurance company? - Neil McK
I've been living in Germany for the past 8 months and am returning to the UK at the end of the month

I have insurance from a German company for my car here, and transferred my no claims from when I sold my car in december.

The twist comes from the fact that I crashed a rented motorbike when I was back in the Uk on holiday in July.

It is the renting companies insurance that the claim will be on, so I'm just wondering if anyone can advise me on what I should tell insurance companies when re-instating my insurance in the UK for when I buy a car.

I haven't claimed on my policy or my wife's, and obviously want to remain above board, but am unsure what I should say and how it will affect my premium.


What should I tell my insurance company? - L'escargot
Be honest. Be sure your sins will find you out.
What should I tell my insurance company? - Mapmaker
The truth.
What should I tell my insurance company? - jc2
They'll ask "have you had any accidents in the past five years?" or similar.Don't lie.
What should I tell my insurance company? - Altea Ego
There is a good chance your name will be on a insurance industry shared database. If you lie and they see it, dung will hit the air movement device.
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What should I tell my insurance company? - rtj70
Whilst trying to get some quotes for car insurance for the youngest, I tried to see if adding me made a difference. Except I had an accident in Italy last July that wrote off the hire car but after 12 months I got the excess back meaning the lorry driver's insurance paid up. So I asked if i should mention this to one company and they basically said of course, and because it was not my fault etc. then it makes no difference. But I should still mention it.

Remember this was Italy and a hire car but they still said they needed to know.
What should I tell my insurance company? - Sim-O
Yes. Tell them everything.

I crashed my motorbike once a few years and asked a couple of insurance companies if they needed to know when I rang round for my renewal and was told that they did indeed need to know.
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