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Citreon Xantia fuse Problem - brittaink
I have recently bought a citreon Xantia 1.9D. When I bought the car the central locking was not working. On inspection of the fuse box there was a fuse missing number 21. I placed a fuse in this slot and the central locking started working again but it makes a constant clicking sound from the fuse box with about 1 second intervals. After about 20 seconds I noticed that the headlights were flashing on and off at this rate. I fhte fuse is removed then this problem goes away.
Does anyone know what causes this and whether it can be fixed?
Citreon Xantia fuse Problem - mjm
What year is it?
F21 is down as central locking fuse in the Haynes manual. In my 1999 handbook it is the air con. I can't see a central locking fuse listed.

It sounds as if yours is tied in with the alarm.

Citreon Xantia fuse Problem - brittaink
I definitely agree that it could be linked ro the alarm, although there is no audible signal. it is a l reg so 1996 model I think. don't suppose you would have any further ideas would you?
PS thank you for the quick and positive response.
Citreon Xantia fuse Problem - rip
have you tried www.frenchcarforum.co.uk

then go to the citroen section.

you may also like to do a search for past references
Citreon Xantia fuse Problem - bacon&eggs
If yours is a 'L' 1993/1994 like ours, then according to the handbook fuse 21 is for the central locking. All depending on the spec of your Xantia it could have deadlocks fitted, that are activated with a combined key/plipper unit. These keys are very fragile and break easily and most owners (because Citroen want almost 100 quid for a new remote plipper) just immobilise the alarm/central locking by pulling out various fuses. I bought a genuine brand new plipper still in its cellophane wrapper for our 1994 'L' Xantia Sx that has central locking for 20 quid including postage off ebay. If you can live without deadlocks then put Fuse 21 back in so you have central locking and remove fuse 17 (15A) that should cut power to the alarm. The headlights may still flash (its been 18 months since I did ours, and now cant remember) but to solve this you remove a relay thats under the fusebox. Its green and it almost adjacent to the bulkhead - you would hear it clicking when the headlights are flashing so it would be a giveaway.
Citreon Xantia fuse Problem - brittaink
Thanks for the info, that was really helpful. I will have a look for the fuses on Friday when I get my car back from the car park. (Long Story) In the mean time could I ask.....
When I bought my car 2nd hand for £300 it did not come with a key fob plipper unit. I only have one key and it is a normal key that is just put into the locks. I fI were to buy a plipper unit then obviously I would need to buy one that would work on my car. Is there any particular type that I should be looking for or was the guy that you got yours off, willing to put it on the right frequency or something. I'm just a little confused.
I would normally just leave it how it is at the moment, but unfortuanately without the central locking I can not lock the boot which causes me a bit of a problem.
Citreon Xantia fuse Problem - bacon&eggs
I know what you mean about the keys. I was lucky enough to be supplied with 2 keys when I bought mine - the normal plain key like yours and the duff plip key. The problem is that there are 2 types of key - Infa red (IR) and Remote frequency (RF), yours if its a K L M N P reg then its deffo a IR key, like a TV remote. But the problem is that there are two types of IR key one with two buttons (one button operates the open/close of the central locking and the other kicks the deadlocks & alarm into action) and then there is the plipper with one button (for the cars that only have central locking). I think that you have deadlocks as you have a alarm but cant be sure. I cant recommend enough to go over to www.frenchcarforum.co.uk as its a goldmine of info.

Thinking about your deadlocks if you take the chassis number or what Citroen call the RP number that is found on a little white sticker by the lower drivers door hinge and go into your local Citroen dealer they should be able to tell you if the car has deadlocks or not. The reason that you couldent hear the alarm siren is because the Xantia, like other Citroen's have a siren switch that turns the siren off. Its up behind the LHM reservior tank in the engine bay - infront of where the passenger would sit. You turn the siren on by lifting the little circle flap and turning the key to the opposite of the "off" arrow - dont play about with this untill you have a replacement plip, trust me.

When you find out about the key (and obtain one) PM me and I can give you the instructions on how to programe the keyfob to the car (these instructions actually work, came with my key)
Citreon Xantia fuse Problem - brittaink
Just found this on ebay, do you think it would do the job?
£1.99 4d 08h 34m
Citreon Xantia fuse Problem - brittaink
sorry this may be of more help



{Overlong links to ebay shortened as screwed up the page width - DD}
Citreon Xantia fuse Problem - bacon&eggs
If you also have deadlocks (i think you have them) then item no 120117916607 should do the trick as it is the 2 button one. Dont worry about the sliding key. You drill out the old flip out key (and as you dont have your Xantia's one to replace it) and obtain a replacment key insert from Citroen for 12 quid. A new rivet from Citroen is only 2 quid and job done. I have the instructions here on how to programe the key - will PM you with them.
Citreon Xantia fuse Problem - bacon&eggs
Here are the instructions for programming the plip.

First you need to identify the reciever - its the little red dome betewwn the sunvisors. And the lock and unlock is the button nearest the key blade.

1. With all the doors and tailgate unlocked but closed we can begin.
2. Place the plain key into the ignition and turn to position 1 - the battery light will illuminate.
3. Place the plip infront of the reciever with the bulb facing the reciever up nice and close (like 2 cm's)
4.Press the lock button (nearest the key) for approx 1 second.
5. Turn ignition off and remove the key.
6. Wait for 1 minute without pressing any buttons on the plip or turning the ignition on.
7. Now press the lock button and the car should lock and if you press the second button then the deadlocks (do this when outside the car only, if it goes pearshaped your locked in the car and have to use window as exit!!!) will kick in and the hazzards will illuminate for a second. To disable deadlocks and unlock car just push the first button.

If it does not work first time dont worry it takes the pros a couple of goes to get it. Some recommend removing the reciever from its home in the roof as it then gets a better signal. Also remember to check that fuses are in place as someone has tampered with your alarm and removed fuses - when plip is working turn alarm siren back on (under bonnet, up behind LHM tank under a little circle flap).

Finally, with alarm & plip working lower drivers window fully, close door, lock & deadlock car (hazzards will illuminate) wait about 90 seconds and "wiggle" your finger infront of alarm sensor that is on the wing mirror bezels in the car - alarm should sound. All the best.

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