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Barmy Insurance Company? - JonnyS
Hi all,

I am looking to change my car and for a bit of a joke I thought i'd look at the insurance for a Supra twin turbo 3.0 and being only 19 with 2 years NCB I expected the computer to start laughing at me.

I filled out the application form and added my sister and dad to the policy who have clean licences as they have brought it down on other sites and clicked 'calculate'.

The next page came up and they quoted me £1148.95! My current insurer wouldn't even quote me on a 306 GTI-6!

If i bought one, paid this amount to insure me and I had an accident, is there any way of them getting out of covering me, seeing as they shouldn't be for such a little sum of money?

Barmy Insurance Company? - SteVee
My son found this out also.
A little hatchback costs a lot to insure
A high performance car sometimes doesn't cost much more.
Insurance quotes are a bit of a lottery.

Check your excess, and if it's from a mainstream company - or if the underwriter (at least) is well known - then this could be possible. If you're getting computer quotes, then I would guess it's OK.

Make sure you are completely honest regarding absolutely any modifications from standard.

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