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Renault Aircon problem - Lorenzo
You know the good weather's here once more when the rash of air con problems surface! Guilty as charged, m'lud.

We own a Renault Megan Scenic 1997, and have had it since birth. I have just noticed that the aircon is not coming on. It looks like (when Ifind it!) a pretty straight forward electrical problem, because although the little tell-tale light on the A/C button comes on, there is no familiar CLUNK from the clutch as the aircon pump engages, and no accompanying whine from the engine cooling fan as it starts up too (both which can normally be clearly heard cutting in).

I have gone through the electrical diagrams in the Haynes manual, which are about as useful as a not very useful thing, at all. I have checked all the likely fuses, and can find nothing that's popped (driver foot well fuse bank or relay box under the bonnet). One thought was that it might be a recalcitrant relay, but i haven't found it yet.

Any ideas? Has anyone got any HALF DECENT wiring diagrams?

It pains me to EVEN THINK of taking it to some Renault dealer, who will tell me it needs regassing. Yeah, right, mate. And you need redeploying.

Renault Aircon problem - Altea Ego
Its not coming on because it needs regassing. The aircon wont switch on if it does not have suffficient gas.
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Renault Aircon problem - injection doc
It won't come on if the gas is low! also the de-ice switch is prone to failing.
You don't have to go to renault just look for your local AC specialist you may find a mobile one who comes to you then you can watch what they do!
Renault Aircon problem - Armitage Shanks {p}
Ten year's ownership of a French car and this is your first problem with the a/c? Haven't you done well? Mobile servicing is the way to go, I can point you towards a good one if you are anywhere near Leighton Buzzard.
Renault Aircon problem - Lorenzo
Thanks for those consistent answers, chaps. (I was near Leighton Buzzard once, but only because Iwas badly lost). I'll try fond a local independent specialist.

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