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I recently purchased a Xsara Picasso 52 plate, and I have noticed that once I start hitting 60-65mph upto around 75mph, the steering wheel starts to vibrate and I noticed that it feels like a wind tunnel effect in the cabin. I'm taking it back to the garage, but would like to have an idea in advance as to what they should be considering, as so far I have had to have a number of things done on the car in the first 2-3weeks of owning it, and at the moment I haven't gone one week where I have not had to take the car back yet!

Also when I test drove it I noticed the brakes were seriously screeching when I braked, they said they checked the brakes and dusted them down, but they have started again, and its becoming rather annoying, as I have never had previous problems with such bad screeching brakes before, its every time I brake.

Can anyone help?
Citroen Xsara Picasso - vibration - oldtoffee
Steering wheel vibration could just be wheel balancing. Wind tunnel effect? Do you have a sunrof, I had on mine and it wasn't closing properly which caused a lot of noise. Brakes could be worn pads and/or discs and the garage might not have wanted to change them prior to selling it to you. I found most Citroen dealers pretty poor and indifferent but got lucky with one local main dealer who was excellent.

If you're unhappy with the garage, get it checked over by a decent independent and present the garage with what they find and what you consider unacceptable. If it is causing you grief which it sounds like it is and you haven't had it long or done many miles, do you have the option of returning it?
Citroen Xsara Picasso - vibration - shazmk
Thanks NeilS.

I have booked it in to my normal garage I would go to for work for them to check it over, just in case I have missed anything. I do have a sunroof, so I will get this checked too. I hope I don't have to return it as I actually like driving it, but maybe I need to mention the option of returning it if I keep finding problems. Thanks again.
Citroen Xsara Picasso - vibration - mikey72

i have exactly the same problem.i suspect cv joints,im having it looked at today i'll keep you posted with the results.


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