Chipped Audi A3 TDI? - tystie

I am considering buying an A3 TDI sport - 2001. I have been told by the dealer that the car was chipped from the factory 110 bhp to 140bhp. I has the car overnight for a test draive and actually did not feel the car had any noticable addtional power compared to the 306 HDI (90) that I have. I know the 306 is quite niblle partly due to is weight but I thought you would feel a difference in a 140 bhp engine. It's not a deal breaker as the car is very nice and cleann otherwise. THere is no writted confirmation fo the upgrade only the dealer owner says he remembers this being done to the car by its first owner. ( the car was traded into the same dealer bewteen the 1st and 2nd onwer the 2nd owner and probably me).

Perhap s i could get an AUdi dealrer to 'plug the car in' ansee what the compluter reads?

ANy other views on the A3 TDI sprt woudl be good to know. Although i reckon i may be signing the deal in the next few days!

Chipped Audi A3 TDI? - George Porge
Most chips are undetectable by dealers so scanning is'nt the answer.

You could measure boost to see if its higher than standard or put the car on a rolling road to check the actual power at the wheels
Chipped Audi A3 TDI? - adverse camber
quite possible that a tunningbox or similar was fitted and then removed on resale.

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