Ford s-max - fitting of tow bar - Ian77
I'm considering buying a ford s-max, but need a tow bar. Would prefer a factory fitted one, however, my local dealer says he cannot source one, and that I will have to wait until the end of march before I can order one (and then a further 12 weeks while ford build the car??!!) When I suggested that the local dealer fits it, he is quoting 2 days labour and about £1000! He also mentions if I go to a third party to get one fitted, I will be invalidating the warranty.
Has anyone else had a similar experience or can they offer any advice please?
Ford s-max - fitting of tow bar - a900ss

Whilst I can't help you on this particular matter, if nobody from HJ can help you may want to try for more specific info regarding the S-Max.

Hope that helps.

Ford s-max - fitting of tow bar - Ian77
a900ss- Thanks very much for replying and the advice.


Ford s-max - fitting of tow bar - NARU
The towbar itself will fit into the type-approved mounting holes so can't see that being a problem. I guess the dealer could be thinking about the electrics - if the car's brakelights/indicators etc don't work after the fitter has installed the towbar I can't see the dealer wanting to fix them.

There may be a plug-in wiring kit for the car (so side-stepping the connection problem) - might be worth asking?
Ford s-max - fitting of tow bar - jc2
I see that Towsure's website says that their one is still under development but there are S-maxs about with tow-bars.An "E" marked bar(type-approved)must meet all legal requirements including a durability test and cannot affect the warranty.
Ford s-max - fitting of tow bar - Ian77
Marlot and JC2,
Thanks very much for coming back to me and for the advice. Decided to wait for a factory fitted towbar. Have also ditched my dealer!!


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