Mondeo TDCi Fuel Filter - jeremy99
I have just had the first major service on my Mondeo (late 2004 owned from new) TDCi 130.

Now the car is sluggish until 2,500 rpm whereas before it picked up well enough from 2,000 rpm. Rarely there is also a misfire on a light throttle. I have to drop from sixth to fifth to climb motorway hills at 70 mph! Fuel consumption is slightly better at 47 mpg rather than 43 mpg. Wide throttle openings and lower revs do not give quite the same surge of torque as they did before.

Looking at the forum ther has been an issue with fuel filters, this has been changed by the dealer for the first time.

Is it possible that the fuel filter change can cause this or is it more likely that something has been disturbed on the induction side with the air filter change?

Mondeo TDCi Fuel Filter - cheddar
It should pull well at 1500 and strongly from 1800 rpm, take it straight back in case any damage has been / is being done. However it could simply be a loose intake hose so boost is bleeding off, you might be able to see this yourself looking under the bonnet.

The fuel filter should be changed every third service, around 37500 mile intervals.
Mondeo TDCi Fuel Filter - jeremy99
It was the 37,500 service and it has a new filter.

No loose hoses I can see. Seems to be improving now after around 700 miles in last three days, so perhaps the software is relearning something.

There is boost but perhaps not the overboost.

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