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I have a problem with my motorhome. On the way back from Coventry the clutch seized after excessive
fibration and not engaing. The RAC man thinks the spline has sheared of the clutch plate. Had to be relayed back to Enfield (very embarrasing). Does anyone know cost of a complete clutch & fitting (Fiat Ducato) for 1982 Talbot Motorhome. Does anyone know of a good, reliable and honest mechanic who would be willing to replace the clutch at reasonable rates in the Enfield area please? The vehicle will have to be collected.



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Renault Enfield
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Tel: 020 8271 0900
Would be a good start I suggest.
clutch seized - Talbot Motorhome - Screwloose

It'll be very difficult for anyone to quote an accurate all-in price for this vehicle until it's all apart and exactly what's fitted to it is established. Not only are there various different engines; but the curse of the Sevel vans is that what's supposed to be fitted, rarely is.

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