Disconnect alarm - '95 Passat 1.9TD - Negger
Hi, My 1995 Passat 1.9TD has a Sigma SG20E alarm fitted that has never been used/did not work in excess of three years. After accidentally shorting out the electrics, sorting a problem with the starter, this has activated the alarm - Now I can't switch it off! I've tried disconnecting/reconnecting battery; and have removed the control unit, but engine then immobilised, so had to replace it!
Can I disconnect power and/or inactivate alarm, whilst leaving vehicle operative ? I can't even find where the alarm takes it's power from, it's not from the fusebox!
Fob appears to work (LED flashes) but has no effect. Alarm does go silent once doors closed and locked. Ignition lights go haywire when alarm operating? There is a key re-set on the siren under the bonnet, but alas no key, Can the four wires behind this switch be shorted to solve the problem ?(without causing further damage!)
Any advice greatfully received ?
Many Thanks
Disconnect alarm - '95 Passat 1.9TD - LeePower
Find a friendly auto electrician to remove it, If its been installed well it will take ages trying to trace wires & sort out where its been joined on & where the immobiliser cuts have been made.
Disconnect alarm - '95 Passat 1.9TD - elekie&a/c doctor
If you are able to access the control box for the alarm ,then disconnect the multiplug and join the 2 purple wires.This should re-instate the immobiliser circuit.If the wires are black then an auto tech is your best bet as suggested above.
Disconnect alarm - '95 Passat 1.9TD - Negger
Many thanks to you both for your replies. A piggy back connector linking the two purple wires worked a treat - Much appreciated. Please see new thread re: suspected poor earth ?

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