Daewoo Matiz Electric Window Problem - graham woods
Hi every-one out there. I have a daewoo matiz 1999 v reg. The passenger side electric window has stopped working, i changed the whole gearing and electric window motor for a known good one, and it still did not work. Upon checking the voltage at the electric motor plug in connector it appears to have only about 7 volts going to it when the window switch is pushed up or down, and there-for this is not enough power to operate the electric motor. If i power it up from an external 12 volt power supply it works perfect.has any-one any idea's what it could be, it is driving me round the bend !!! Thanks for any help or advice. Graham.
Daewoo Matiz Electric Window Problem - ffidrac {P}
Firstly please use lower case as all CAPS is 'seen' as shouting. {Now been amended - DD}

It sounds like the control module or switch could be faulty (check for coroded plugs/sockets on switch & module before replacing).

If no corosion is evident then start at one 'end' of the system and work through to the other checking voltages and (if you know how) continuity. This will usually show where the power is 'lost' and there will lie the fault.
Daewoo Matiz Electric Window Problem - Collos25
The cable sometimes breaks as it passes from the cabin to the door.
Daewoo Matiz Electric Window Problem - graham woods
Thanks very much for the advice, do you know if there is a connector on the front A pillar that then runs to the door connections? Thanks again, Graham.
Daewoo Matiz Electric Window Problem - graham woods
Hi There, Thanks very much for the advice. Would you know where this thing called a control module is situated on this car, and what does it look like. Also, do you mean the electric window switch itself, if so i could just swop them over to see the fault appears on the other window. Hope i have made sense. Thanks again, Graham.
Daewoo matiz electric window problem - graham woods
Just a thank-you to the replys i received on this matter. It turned out to be the plug in connector that plugs into the electric window switches, i sprayed it with wd40, and it has been fine ever since, a bit of a sod to get at though !!!
Thanks once again for advice on this matter. Graham.

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