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Has anyone else had the front suspension spring hangers of their Merc W210 E Class collapse through corrosion? Was already in cbcb. But has just happened to a mate of mine (thankfully at low speed). Though an 8 year old car and not MB maintained, MB has taken full responsibility.

W210 E Class Front Suspension - zm
Have heard of it happening regularly unfortunately. I am aware of a law suit in Germany resulting in an accident for which MB paid out substantial compensation. They are also paying out for corrosion to doors, boot lids etc. This model really does represent the low point in MB quality sadly.
W210 E Class Front Suspension - madf
MBOC forums have a number of woners with problems like that .. and rusting as zm describes and rusting front subframes. Reminiscent of Jaguar at its worst.

Put me right off a Merc:-(

I think these cars were made in S Africa?

W210 E Class Front Suspension - Roger Jones
Not sure that it was S. Africa.

The bodywork corrosion problem may have its roots in organically precoated steel that gave the MB production engineers a false sense of security, which resulted in a lower-quality paint job from the metal outwards (water-based paints not helping), plus some new assembly techniques involving the seams, I think. There may be other explanations too and I can't swear that the above is 100% correct.

A paper on this used to be here:


but it seems to have gone.

There's a lot more here:


and here:


Sadly, the problems are not confined to the W210. I've seen reports of all sorts of models rotting, including recent CL and SLK.

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