BMW Remote Alarm/Locking. - Pugugly {P}
Mysterious - it packed up on Thursday. Did the simple checks nothing seemed amiss. Resolved to booking it in to a dealer this week however it's back up again, it works as it always did. At one point there was a Police car parked next to it, could Airwave/Tetra have puddled it's brain ?
BMW Remote Alarm/Locking. - midlifecrisis
I can point to a lot of Police Officers who act like Tetra has puddled their brain. (Not me of course.....I'm a responsible Sgt!!!!)
BMW Remote Alarm/Locking. - psi
Car RCL commonly uses the operating frequency 418Mhz or 433.92Mhz, which is close to those used by MoD communication, radio amateurs and other common applications. One of the civil TETRA frequencies is 410-420mhz, so I suppose it is conceivable.

Interference can occur and in extreme cases the car can't be unlocked. Cars with remote central locking should have a bypass system using the normal metal key to unlock the doors without setting the alarm off. This 'auxiliary entry' system should be explained in the handbook. Try remote unlocking the car away from any suspected sources of interference i.e. panda's, airports, radar tower etc... or try using the remote up closer to the car this can help in cases of itnerference
BMW Remote Alarm/Locking. - Dynamic Dave
or try using the remote up closer to the car this can help in cases of itnerference

As can putting the remote plipper near your head. As once demonstrated by JC on Top Gear.
BMW Remote Alarm/Locking. - Pugugly {P}
Yes DD I frequently do that - on the chin actually. Looking back to Thursday afternoon the car would have been parked up next to Police car for a couple of hours. Really odd this, it happened on my 330 at a Police HQ. BMW Assist put this down to the transmitter there and it never failed again. Not too worried about it as the warranty covers it but odd.

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