Fiat transponder key? - liddelljohn
hello ,

My mothers 2001 Fiat Punto only has 1 key , i want to get her a spare but Fiat dealers want over £130 +vat for the key, and they say up to 6 weeks delivery.This is a ripoff!

i have looked on EBAY and spoken to several automotive locksmiths but no success

where can i get a key for a sensible cost?

Fiat transponder key? - rtj70
You'll find the cost includes reprogramming both the new and old key to the car. We misplaced our spare and I got quoted the cost of the key, keycard and the time to reprogramme. But I think it was something like £70-80 all in inc VAT.
Fiat transponder key? - Armitage Shanks {p}
These people may help

Fiat transponder key? - bell boy
a dealer near me used to give free chipped keys away and free balloons to any customer that came in,strange thing is he had lots of customers but he went bankrupt.

Fiat transponder key? - jc2
Look in your "yellow pages";many locksmiths claim to be able to re-programme.

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