I'm looking for estate or medium SUV for long road trips, what should I buy?

I drive about 18,000 miles a year; two 3000 mile road trips each year and then the rest is a mix of around town and 50 miles on the motorway. I'm looking for either an estate or a medium SUV. For the road trips, something with leather, lumbar support and cruise control and that we can load up, but doesn't need to be one of the massive SUVs. I'm trying to work out the best make/model that will give me reliability and comfort for total cost over 4 or 5 years ownership and then sell on hopefully with decent residual value.

My budget is up to £27k - what do you recommend?

Asked on 22 March 2023 by John Duffy

Answered by David Ross
We'd almost always choose an estate car over an SUV, simply because they tend to be nicer to drive and make better use of their footprint in terms of interior space.

With your budget we'd go for a Volvo V90, which offers an exceptional cabin, very comfortable seats, good ride comfort and a cavernous boot. We'd steer clear of R-Design specification which has a slightly firmer ride, but you should find a choice of diesel or petrol versions within your budget, and if you look hard enough you may find the PHEV version too which would be ideal to keep fuel costs down in city driving. They also hold their value well too.
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