renault laguna problem - yand
my key card was lost/stolen for the renault laguna the insurance company required it to be towed away to a safe location , the tow truck could not get in to my drive and because the car was locked he dragged it aprox 10 mts and the dragged it round a corner WITH THE HANDBRAKE ON AND THE STEERING LOCK ON !! to enable him to tow it away , now the dealer is saying their is an electrical fault on the steering column and my ecu is faulty ( the car was running fine untill it was removed ) now the insurance co are saying they will not pay for the repairs , my question is could the damge to the steering /ecu have been caused by it being dragged ,the main dealer doing the work and the towing firm are saying not but obviously someting has caused the problem ANY IDEAS ( my insurance is fully comp )
renault laguna problem - Collos25
I will wager it is the agents inability to sort out the problem ,the grease monkey will have mucked up the software due to lack of knowledge in programming a new credit card key.I assume its a Renault main dealer nobody elese has a cat in hells chance of doing it correctly
renault laguna problem - Saltrampen
See below - Not too much help, but highlights differences in Rescue service operators..

My collegue's Laguna had to moved off a garage forecourt to a repair centre due to misfuelling recently.
RAC were called, RAC guy initially could not get the electronic handbrake and Steering lock off.
Rather than "force it", he contacted RAC HQ who were able to provide him with the info he needed...
It seemed to involve fiddling around a rear fuse box? (brake) and he said the key card was needed to
free the steering lock. If this didn't work he would have to call for a lorry with a winch....
Luckily the steering did not lock up and a conventional tow bar was used.
What is obvious from the above is that when dealing with modern cars and there security features
the main rescue services took time to consult a technical expert/manufacturer helpline to avoid
using an incorrect towing/moving procedure.
Where the front wheels touching the ground when the car was dragged?
Therefore if you can get evidence from a Renault source (other than the main dealer if it is a Renault dealer) which states what should be done when moving a car minus key card, this could be handed to insurance company as additional evidence.
renault laguna problem - Aprilia
Its difficult to say without knowing all the circumstances and exactly what's wrong. However I would say that dragging the car could cause mechanical damage but would be extremely unlikely to cause damage to any electronics.

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