Vectra 1.8 idling problems - shag64uk
Having had my vectra 1,8 for 4 years know and having giving me little problems,until now. I was wondering if anyone could help me?

The car does not idle properly and tries to stall somtimes, then idles too high sometimes. The engine mangement light comes on then goes off when it feels like it.

Today when i stopped and let the car idle,it idled fine until i put the air con on, then it idled fast. When i turned the air con off again it went back to normal?????

This week i have cleaned the carb,by removing the air filter and spraying carb cleaner in it.

I have changed the exhaust valve,still no change...........................Any ideas?

Car Details
1999 (v reg)
1.8i ego tech petrol engine
Engine No 20J93872
Vectra 1.8 idling problems - GregSwain
Try looking at the CBC section....

"If idle speed of 1.6. 1.8 or 2.0 petrol engine is 1200 - 2000 rpm the problem is the idle adjustor control valve (Air Intake Control Valve). Needs cleaning with fuel system cleaner but if that doesn't work it needs replacing at £113 + VAT and modifying by fitting an oil separator. Tends to happen at 60-70k miles."

Your car doesn't have a carb. And the air-con always changes the engine-tone slightly, due to the extra load on the engine. I'm not sure what you mean by the exhaust valve - perhaps the EGR valve?

My mum's old Vectra had the same problem - had to go back to a Vauxhall dealer and have the oil separator fitted, and it cost rather a lot of money - unfortunately this is probably the only way the problem will be cured - it'll eventually come back if you simply replace the idle-control valve.

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