No log book - nicnac
i called cargiant to enquire about a car. this car has no logbook. should i steer clear. i was told i could apply for one.
No log book - GregSwain
You can apply for one using a V62(??) form, which you can get from a Post Office. I would expect that the dealer would assist you in this. Some people misplace their logbook, and never bother getting another one sent out, so it's most likely not dodgy. Buying from a dealer, if it turned out to be dodgy, it's down to them. I certainly wouldn't buy privately if the car had no logbook. If the car's come from a leasing company, the logbook may turn up in the post.
No log book - No FM2R
If its lost somebody needs ot apply for a duplicate while the car is registered in their name. Consequently if they do it it will increase the number of previous keepers.

I'd worry about no reg doc on a private sale too.
No log book - 9000
without the logbook you cannot tax it, using the v62 to apply for a log book could take 6 weeks as DVLA will need to ensure that your request is legitimate.

Unless it's seriously discounted and you can keep it off road for up to 6 weeks (as well as get it home without driving on a road) I wouldn't bother
No log book - martint123
I would want to know why. Forcibly repossessed ??
No log book - pd
V5's frequently get lost - I wouldn't worry too much about the lack of one as long as you realise you can't tax a car until you have one. Normally, it takes much less than 6 weeks - 7 working days is about the norm. If you buy a car without I'd be inclined to place a deposit but not collect or pay a balance until the V5 shows up from the DVLA.

Remember that a V5 is not proof of ownership. The lack of a V5 does not mean that a car is not somebody's to sell and equally if somebody has a V5 in their name it is not necessarily their car. All a V5 indicates is a keeper address the DVLA has on it's computer, nothing more.
No log book - jolly77
Hi, ask the dealer if the vehicle has been released back into the trade, a call to the DVLA will confirm this. If this is so you can go to a local dvla office with your insurance and the mot fill in a couple of forms( apply for logbook and license disc) and both get the vehicle in your name and tax it at the same time. If its not been released back to trade then it is a long process after applying while dvla check with current owner.

No log book - Micky
If it's a reputable dealer and the price reflects the missing logbook and you can take the loss if it ends in tears then make an offer. Otherwise: run away, run away and run away a bit more ;-)

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