Buying from dealer, what to offer? - misterbarbel
I've decided to sell on my 10 year old fiesta and get another VW golf (wife has a tdi 90). Most of the cars I've looked at are around £7000 - £8000 (tdi 130s). Having always bought my old company cars I've never been in the position to buy a car from a dealer, so I was wondering what would be a sensible opening offer to make on a car with a sticker price of £7500?. This would be a cash purchase with no part exchange if that has any bearing on the offer.


Buying from dealer, what to offer? - Collos25
Actually makes it worse for you as you are taking away two lines of profit and therefore two lines of bargaining power.I would expect to get around £250 if the vehicles is tip top.
Buying from dealer, what to offer? - misterbarbel
A lot of dealers look gutted when you tell them you would be paying cash. Guess they must pick up meaty commissions from finace agreements these days.

I did consider px'ing my fiesta, I've not had one offer from a dealer over £350 for it. So I thought selling it privately would be a better bet. Similar cars on Auto Trader ar £600-£800, I would happily take £500. I would have thought that no part exchange would work in my favour since few dealers would want to shift a 10 year fiesta.
Buying from dealer, what to offer? - George Porge
Go at the end of the month when their sales targets need to be met and haggle hard. Ask for mats, flaps, towbar or whatever you require as accessories as they will be calculated at cost price and not retail price.

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