Should I be annoyed? - Imagos
Well after just 910 miles from brand new, my beloved 2006 Passat Sport Auto has developed a fault or rather something has broken.

The auto gear lever push button has broken internally resulting in the button itself and part of the inner workings including a spring to pop out onto the center console. This means until I book it in to my local dealer (which thankfully is more or less next door to where i work) I have to use my little finger to push what's left inside in order to put it in drive.

My question is although I'm not *that* concerned should I be annoyed with this failure? OK it's a Company car, the dealers next door so I can leave there no problem whilst I am at work,. Otherwise i'm totally delighted with the car.. it was my choice to have it 'cos I liked them so much.. It replaced another Passat too .

So you can guess I'm not really annoyed so should I be? 910 miles only and something breaking is absurd isn't it?...

When it comes back from the menders I'll love it just the same..
Should I be annoyed? - Adam {P}
It is absurd but if you like the car then just try and forget about it.

>>When it comes back from the menders I'll love it just the same..<<

Exactly - forget about it.
Should I be annoyed? - rtj70
Had two VW's with problems on day one on pickup. Golf GTI 1.8T had a gearbox problem and needed a new gearbox (0 miles) and a Passat 1,8T that needed a new turbo (sounded like a jet fighter taking off).

So you're not alone with problems. But if you like the car I'm certain VW can sort it. You're lucky the dealer is local and you will have vehicle to drive at no extra cost when off the road.

Had lots more faults with the Passat over 3.5 years but I still like VWs. Trouble is company scheme did not include them last time around. It might not now but ironically it's Leaseplan managed which is owned by VW!
Should I be annoyed? - Manatee
If you don't want to blame VW, you'll have to put it down to driver abuse. Do you have a very powerful and insensitive left thumb?
Should I be annoyed? - Altea Ego
How long have you had that? Only 910 miles?

Anyway, cars are complex bits of kit, stuff happens when new, its a fact of life. I have to say however, based on my VW this may not be your last unsheduled trip to the dealer.
TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
Should I be annoyed? - Pugugly {P}
You're such a comfort RF.

Relax you'll have forgotten all about it in a couple of months !
Should I be annoyed? - Imagos
How long have you had that? Only 910 miles?

since July 11. Not many I know...
Should I be annoyed? - Avant
You may be lucky Imagos - I had a Laguna V6 that was delivered (company car) with a loose auto selector: local delaer fixed it the next day and nothing else went wrong with the car for 100,000 miles.
Should I be annoyed? - Lud
In the late sixties I was driving someone else's brand new Rover 2200 and somehow managed to apply the handbrake so hard that the button popped out. It was possible to release it with a bit of frantic fingerwork, but not to reassemble it with one hand in heavy traffic in Kensington Gore.

Very, very embarrassing. Not my car you see. So count yourself lucky.
Should I be annoyed? - Pete M
Reminds me of the push-push switches in Jaguar XJ Series Twos. You never knew whether the next push would cause the button to fly off into an inaccessible corner under the seat. I think they were finally sorted some time after 1981, in the Series 3.
Should I be annoyed? - top turkey
I think you have the right to be annoyed, but if you're not, then don't beat yourself up over it. There's far more important things to give you a coronary!

It's a company car which will get fixed at no extra cost to you, and probably quicker than if Top Turkey the private buyer had the same problem. The dealer is right next door, so won't take up any of your time or your money in arranging transport or insurance for a 'courtesy' car.

Be mildly irritated, but given your circumstances, you can afford to be a cheery chappy.



PS What's the new Passat like? The creaking W plate Veccy (91k) will be replaced in the next three years with a nearly new car, and the current new Passat would be on the list

Top Turkey - the fastest hands in Brum
Should I be annoyed? - daveyjp
My DSG selector also developed a fault - wouldn't lock in reverse, but by holding the gearstick I could drive it - can't remember the mileage but less than 10,000. Quick call to RAC, car in dealership, courtesy car sorted out, car back in less than a day. All down to a circlip working loose. As I was only at work it wasn't a problem, if I had been going on holiday the next day it would have concerned me!
Should I be annoyed? - Murphy The Cat
My wife had numerous major faults with her 2 Passats.

She was really pleased that she chose such a reliable German brand rather that something shoody that had been put together using sub standard materials !

Should I be annoyed? - DP
My wife had numerous major faults with her 2 Passats.

My brother in law's (2001 TDI 130 ) hasn't been very good either. He reckons it's cost him just over £2,000 in unscheduled repairs since the warranty ran out and it's not yet done 60,000 miles.
But he still loves the car to pieces. Must be something about VW's.
Should I be annoyed? - cheddar
After just 1000 miles you have to give it the benefit of the doubt, after all it may be the only fault in 50,000 or 100,000 miles.

However if in six months time you are on first name terms with the service manager, know the receptionist's boyfriend's mothers's name, the reg number of the courtesy car off-by-heart and know without looking what number coffee/white/strong/sugar/extra white/extra sugar/whipped is on their vending machine then you can complain!

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