Visible VIN - bws
I'm after a cheap hack to get to work and back and spotted a tidy Mercedes e280 at a dealers local to me. It all looked fine, pretty tidy for the year (93) seemed to have service history and looked an honest car. I arranged to come back to test drive it but as i left noticed that the windscreen VIN had been painted from underneath with body coloured paint.

The dealer explained that in the past people were able to write down the VIN and then order a key from Mercedes and come back and help themselves to the car, I've never heard of this and presumed the cars got something wrong with it so left.

Is there any truth in whats said as it would be a shame to miss out on it if there's truth in what was said?

Visible VIN - massey
I would be inclined to believe the story, especially if its a local reputable dealer.
Visible VIN - Westpig
this is a true scenario..... British Mercs were going, because the crook would go to a Continental Merc dealer and say they were on holiday, but had lost the keys...... not too many questions were asked and a new set of keys were provided, purely from the Vin number.... fairy simple to get the keys back to Blighty and cheerio Mercedes

Even with the crooks swapping the garages around, someone must have twigged, but i suppose the sale of a set of keys from the parts dept, to the detriment of someone in another country was 'not their problem'.
Visible VIN - bws
Thanks for the quick responses guys, I'll arrange to have a drive of it tomorrow
Visible VIN - Xileno {P}
It's strange why manufacturers have the VIN so visible. In the past they were hidden.
Visible VIN - bell boy
It's strange why manufacturers have the VIN so visible. In the
past they were hidden.

it was supposed to cut down on crime as the vin was visible to any agency that needed to look at it quickly without dirtying their staypresses while grovelling under carpets

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