I agreed to buy a used car from a dealer but now they are saying the price has increased - where do I stand?

I recently arranged a test drive on a used vehicle (2018 plate). I had no intention to buy, however after negotiation and a part exchange value, we reached a deal. At the point of the drive I had no Idea of the price of the vehicle but after negotiating a purchase document was produced with a value, we agreed the purchase in principal but I wanted my wife to approve before I purchased. The dealer is now telling me that the value stated on the document is incorrect by £500 and is insisting I pay this. I believe I only have to pay the value to change as listed on the document produced by the dealer. Where do I stand legally on this I don't believe I have to pay this additional cost?

Asked on 7 April 2019 by peter Holden

Answered by Honest John
There is no contract without 'consideration' (until money has changed) hands, so if you paid a deposit you can hold the dealer to the deal. If you signed a contract to pay an amount of money at a future date, that is 'consideration' and amounts to a contract. But what you describe amounts to 'offer and acceptance'. You did not accept the offer immediately, did not sign anything and instead referred it to your wife. Meanwhile the terms of the dealer's offer changed.
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