Motorcycle tyre repair - Greg R
My sister has a honda cbf600. She had a puncture and has a temporary repair.

Can the tyre be repaired internally, or is this risky. I know it can be done on a car.

Is it better to replace the tyre itself?

Motorcycle tyre repair - Murphy The Cat
Hi Greg

from my biking days - replace the tyre.

For peace of mind rather than any other reason.
Motorcycle tyre repair - AngryJonny
If you lose a tyre in a car you have three left, and it's still tricky to come to a halt safely. Now imagine how difficult that'd be on a bike if you only had one tyre. Nasty. Change it.
Motorcycle tyre repair - martint123
Take the advice of the tyre repair place - and use a decent motorcycle dealership to get it done. If it isn't in the sidewall, modern, large mushroom plugs are fine.
Motorcycle tyre repair - Greg R
One garage in london says they can fix it, but the good garages in brighton I have used say to change the tyre. I don't think it is worth the risk!
Motorcycle tyre repair - DP
I would change the tyre also. The consequences of a tyre failure at speed on a bike are too horrible to imagine.
Motorcycle tyre repair - helicopter
My advice is get it changed. Small price to pay for peace of mind

If I recall correctly your sister works in Redhill.

Tell her to try Watling Tyres in Reading Arch Road 01737 761750 who always used to give the best prices on motor cycle tyres . I used to use them regularly for all my car and bike tyres.I recommend Metzlers.

Because they are not motorcyle specialists they will only fit the tyre to a wheel taken off the bike though.

If she rides there can she manage to take the wheel off the bike and refit it herself?

If not, try Fins Motorcycles in Hooley Lane 01737 768129 .They have been around a long time and will give straightforward trustworthy advice.

I would still advise changing it though.
Motorcycle tyre repair - Thommo
Tyre. Motorbike. Change. Really as simple as that. On a bike the importance of having good condition tyres at the right pressure can not be underestimated.

Some things you can economise on. Motorbike tyres are not one of them.
Motorcycle tyre repair - Greg R
Helicopter, you are right. My sister was working in Redhill. But with the commute being too far, and pay mediocre, she took my advice and got a new job. She now works in London in Payroll and is really liking it...better than her Redhill employment by far!!!

My sister goes to Brighton a lot, and I don't know any good garages in the fulham or london area. Last time I went to a london garage in Hammersmith, they did a simple job of chaning a tyre. Somehow, they didn't replace a bolt to the exhaust. I only worked it out as I checked it. But they said it had been eroded away, and say it isn't worth doing until the next tyre change.

Then I ask myself, why didn't they sort it out there and then? On a motorcycle, it isn't worth the risk of getting things wrong. Even a scooter really.

Out of interest, does anyone know a reasonably priced garage in London, that do motorcycles and scooter repairs very well (with the experience to match).

Thanks again


Motorcycle tyre repair - AngryJonny
Out of interest, does anyone know a reasonably priced garage in London, that do
motorcycles and scooter repairs very well (with the experience to match).

I don't, but having just bought a motorbike and living/working in London I'll be watching very carefully for any replies!
Motorcycle tyre repair - DP
I can recommend a very good one near Heathrow. They're a Kawasaki agent, but they'll work on anything. It's not a flash plate glass outfit, but a cramped little shop in a run down looking parade with a small workshop out back. Family run, same staff in there for years, all bikers, and they are good as gold. Experts on anything with a Kawasaki badge or motocross related, and very very good on almost anything else with two wheels and an engine.

Will fit pattern or genuine parts (at your discretion with no-pressure and honest recommendations), will do what they can to save you money without cutting corners, constantly update you with what they're doing and why, and the bill is never more than they quote. If any further work is found, they always phone you first and explain in English why something needs doing. If it's something that can safely wait, they're honest and tell you, if they say it's urgent, you can be sure it is.

Great place.

Website clearly not been updated for a while, but it's still there, and the service is still great.


Motorcycle tyre repair - mark
I would recommend Burwins on the Essex Road in Islington.

Small family run shop that been there as long as I can remember.

I think they are on 0207 359 3050

As always

Motorcycle tyre repair - Thommo
The only real motorcycle shop I know in the area are Warrs on Waterford Road 0207 736 2934.

Harley dealers but been established 30+ years and were Harley dealers when Harley's were unfashionable. Family owned real bikers.

Maybe worth a call and if they can't do it they will point you in the right direction locally.
Motorcycle tyre repair - Greg R
Oh, by any chance do you know their rates per hour. That is another consideration as I like to be charged reasonable rates!!!

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