Should I buy a hybrid or plug-in hybrid car?

I always bought new cars every 3 years and, in 2015, with 2 grandchildren, bought a BMW 218d Gran Tourer. Great car; no complaints and no issues. Don't believe in electric cars so due to the shunning of diesel and petrol cars — I held off buying a new car. But now I'm hankering for a car like my 2000 Jaguar XJ and its comfort. Having looked at secondhand prices, BMW 7 series seem good value so was thinking of a 740e Hybrid or PHEV. Is it a good buy? What year would you suggest and should I go hybrid or plug-in hybrid? The 745e is still too pricey. I would, as ever, appreciate your advice.

Asked on 15 April 2021 by Declan O'Luanaigh

Answered by Andrew Brady
Tread carefully. A BMW 7 Series is a huge luxury car that's quite complex before you start adding hybrid power to the mix. Have you considered a BMW 530e instead? They're more popular – so finding a good used example will be easier – and, with less weight to haul around, it should be more efficient. It'll still feel like a step up in terms of refinement compared to your 218d Gran Tourer. To get the best from a PHEV, you'll need to be able to charge at home and cover mainly short journeys. Careful, though, once you discover the benefits of a PHEV, it's a slippery slope towards an electric vehicle...
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