Mercedes W123 Starting probs - mrmender
An old boy who lives round the corner has a very tidy 1984 230E It is a pig to start from cold then runs rough until warm. When warm no probs starting and runs very well
Don't ask why but he wants me to have a look. I would think if it was carb engine it would be a choke prob but since i now very little about petrol injection systems what am i looking for
Mercedes W123 Starting probs - Number_Cruncher
If it is a K Jetronic, you will probably need to have a good pressure gauge and some connectors to tee in to the system to do any meaningful diagnosis.

Mercedes W123 Starting probs - Roger Jones
Has it perhaps been chronically under-used and blighted with short trips? Give it an Italian tune-up -- get it really warm and push it hard for at least 20 miles. Better still, before you set off, give it a dose of injector cleaner (e.g. the VAG product G 001 700 03, but there are others). Oh, and if the petrol isn't fresh, then fill it up too. Do all that before you consider any more expensive treatment.

Do let us know how things work out.
Mercedes W123 Starting probs - Roger Jones
Any progress?

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