peugeot 106 water leak - crazychick
I have an L reg pug 106 that is leaking a lot of water. when i fill the car up with water and then drive it there is water pouring out from the back of the engine, i can't quite pinpoint where it is exactly coming from. has anyone had any similar problems like this or knows what the problem could be. just had the car 2 days. cheers x
peugeot 106 water leak - yorkiebar
If it is losing a lot of water then you have a serious leak.

I suggest not using it until is identified and repaired or serious damage could result.

Sounds like a hose or connection, from the area you describe. can you use a mirror perhaps to see if you identify where the leak is from? If you tell us the engine size and describe the leaking area/part it may help a bit more too.
peugeot 106 water leak - Armitage Shanks {p}
Depending on how you bought it there are warranty implications. Private sale=bad luck, dealer=some comeback possible. As advised, do not drive it; you can quickly do damage which may well exceed the value of the car.
peugeot 106 water leak - Peter D
Agree. Do not drive the car. This engine is prone to air locks and will dmage the head/gasket very easily if overheated. There are a couple of hoses that run behind the O/S of the engine and two going to the in car heater. Regards Peter
peugeot 106 water leak - GregSwain
My money's on a blown head gasket
peugeot 106 water leak - bell boy
My money's on a blown head gasket

my monies under the bed........................ooooooops

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