Mk6 Fiesta Folding Seat Problem - pcmd1970
One of the buttons you press to release the locking mechanism prior to folding the back seat of my car has stopped working, the button doesn't now seem to be connected to anything, very loose action. Has this happened to anyone else - is there a way to release the mechanism to fold the seat without it - I've tried some gentle prodding with a screwdriver with no success. My car is 14 months old, Fords 3 yr warranty excludes trim - are they likely to knock me back if I try to make a claim? ( Before I ring Ford I hoped to get some idea if they're going to wash their hands of it )
Mk6 Fiesta Folding Seat Problem - jc2
It's not trim-it's mechanism!!
Mk6 Fiesta Folding Seat Problem - DP
The same thing happened on my Focus and the dealer sorted it at service time without any hassles.


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