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Ford Focus Key - IanW1977
Hi I have only one Key for my Focus but the remote locking and unlockng won't work from it, tried replacing the battery and still no luck
Ford Focus Key - LeePower
Did you follow the instructions in the owners handbook for re coding the remote fob to the car after a battery change?

Ford Focus Key - IanW1977
Good point - Just dug out the handbook an hour go so will look at that.
Ford Focus Key - IanW1977
Manual only says how to reprogramme a 2nd key.
Ford Focus Key - psi
has the r/c/l ever function, or has it only stopped recently?
Ford Focus Key - Dynamic Dave

The follwing site has previously been posted for instructions of how2 programme the fob.


Although it mentions Mondeo, it *should* work for the Focus as well.
Ford Focus Key - AndyT
Did you look in the 'central locking' section? That's where I found the instructions for my '02 Focus (facelift), when programming a spare key I'd bought.

Switch key on to ign pos 2, 4 times inside 6 secs.

Turn off, you should hear a bong noise.

You then have 10 secs to press any button on any remote you wish to programme for that car, including the original. I think you hear a chime when the button is pressed.

Finally, turn key to ign pos 2 and wait 10 secs for programming to finalise... job done.
Ford Focus Key - IanW1977
Followed the instrcutions it bongs but the alarm light just continues flashing so not sure if the key buttons are knackered rather than the batteries, the prongs have seen better days.
Ford Focus Key - bell boy
if you have a cctv camera or apparently a camera phone point your remote at the lens and if it is of the right type you will see the picture of the flash everytime you blip the blipper,this will confirm yout blippers are blipping
Ford Focus Key - LeePower
Focus remote locking is of the RF type.

The digital camera trick only works with infra red remote devices.
Ford Focus Key - bell boy
Try it on the sound meter that came with your thx cinema surround microphone then ;-)
Ford Focus Key - IanW1977
Stupid Key - The Boot unlock has never worked whether this helps,
Ford Focus Key - bell boy
no thats typical ford unengineering they seize up very quickly if not used/oiled regularly a good service technician would "oil" these at service time once upon a time,but it nows seems to be a dying art
Ford Focus Key - Pugugly {P}
What is it with Ford ?

They used to make locks that could be opened with a wet fiver (apparantly there was an actual Course in Liverpool Univerisity). Then they made brass keys that wore out at around 70k and would neither lock or unlock the door or the steering lock.

735310 - Total sense in an upside down world.
Ford Focus Key - IanW1977
The Key locks the Passenger side but is a right pain to get it out the lock !
Ford Focus Key - LeePower
Any Ford key will lock it.
Ford Focus Key - AndyT
I bought a spare from keymanuk99 on eBay for £26.80 inc free cutting. There are others on there also.

Another idea would be to buy a 3-button remote fob from a breakers. Surely a fiver should be enough?

I see people on eBay are charging a couple of quid, just to tell what it says in the handbook about how to programme a remote...
Ford Focus Key - IanW1977
So BEst just to buy the new Fob from the E Bay guy then ??
Ford Focus Key - Sehra

I tried what Andyt recommened on programing his ford focus 2002 facelift.

I've got a ford focus 2001.

But on mine I had to press the unlock button where as pressing any button and then heard a beep.

Worked nicely.

Cheers buddy.
Ford Focus Key - henry k
Hi I have only one Key for my Focus

>>So BEst just to buy the new Fob from the E Bay guy then ??


I think you will find you have a £££ problem.
IIRC if you do not have TWO keys that open the doors and start the engine then.

Off to Ford Dealer ;with lots of £££ in your hands. IIRC from £80 up to £150 to reprogram things.
It has been suggested that some locksmiths can do it but I have no firm evidence.

I am sure there are threads on the subject if you search



Ford Focus Key - AndyT
Ah yes,I forgot that the immobiliser transponder was in the fob. Some folks have changed the transponder over between keys, but that's a bit 'high risk' if you only have one key.

Other than going to Ford, try local locksmiths or shoe repair types to see if they could clone a spare key.
Ford Focus Key - LeePower
Not many places can clone the newer Ford blue spot " crypto " keys.

Red spot keys are no problem, They can be cloned easily with the correct equipment.

Ford Focus Key - henry k
Off to Ford Dealer IIRC from £80 up to £150 to reprogram things.

Latest info from my visit and sons visit to a good Ford Main dealer.

Simple copy of existing keys - non remote type. £17
Simple copy of existing keys - remote about £45 -50

If you have only one key then reprogramming etc £100+
I hate to think what my local dealer charges as I have every reason to believe they are the most expensive in the country due to their location. I may just enquire.

I got the spares dept to read the cuts on my key ( in a few seconds while I waited) for free and I now the option of getting an Ebay key and then educating it to operate the Mondeo.
Ford Focus Key - George11

Hello, I have one original

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