Skoda Fabia diesel - ib33
Like the look of this model but unsure which diesel engine to go for. Are they OK for DIY maintenance, especially timing belt changes?
Long term reliability, etc?
Regards, Ian
Skoda Fabia diesel - Xileno {P}
The most reliable long term is likely to be the SDi since it's simpler.
But you may not want to drive it for long, not nearly as much fun as the 1.9 TDi.
Not a great fan of the rough 1.4 3 cylinder TDi.
Skoda Fabia diesel - Railroad.
My Dad's got a Fabia 1.9 TDi which he bought new in September 2001 (51 reg). He reckons it's the best car he's ever had in over 50 years of driving.
Skoda Fabia diesel - ib33
Thanks for your replies, just wonder if the smaller 1.4 TDI engine would have more room for DIY maintenance?
Any comments about long term reliability?
Cheers, Ian

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