Chips With Everything - Woody
Just about to buy an Octavia with the 2.0 TDi engine (with DSG box). The only criticism is the 'rush' of torque at around 2,000 rpm which can make for fussy progress. I didn't try the car in the wet, but no doubt the traction control will be kept busy.

I then read HJ's note that Superchips transform this engine by smoothing out the spike. In which case, here comes the obvious question......(again?)........

Why don't Skoda/VW/Audi/Seat do it already? Why do I need to spend £550 and jump through insurance company hoops when the manufacturer can surely get it right at outset?

Chips With Everything - frazerjp
Something to do engine & mechanical reliability, which is why if have Superchip fitted to your car, it has to be serviced religously by the service book, otherwise your engine will fail quickly due to the changes of the management set up.
Its not what you drive, its how you drive it! :-)
Chips With Everything - daveyjp
Having now done 23,000 miles in a 2.0TDi DSG Audi this 'rush of torque' at 2,000 revs seems to have passed me by - I have probably tuned my driving syle to make the most of the system. The traction control light on mine is largely redundant. If it is constantly flashing you are pushing the car too hard for the conditions, apply the right amount of gas so auto changes are done at between 2000-2500 rpm and you'll have plenty of fun. I have couple of friends with the 2.0TDi manuals and both complain of wheel spinning in first (one of them wore out a set of front tyres in 10,000 miles, mine did 22,500), but the DSG is programmed so 1st just bets you rolling then 2nd is chosen thus reducing any real wheel spin issues.
Chips With Everything - JH
1. so they can introduce that model next year and charge more for it.
2. is the "rush of torque" really a problem? Your Octavia is going to have more torque than my Passat, I guess, but I don't find it a problem, you learn to exploit it.

and I stopped listening after the first digit of the quote from the insurance company (DL) when I asked "what if I chip it to x bhp"?


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