99 vectra fans help - hackett
hi i have a 99 vectra v reg.and the temp goes quite high there are two fans one in front and one behind the rad. how can i test both of the fans are running correctly.i think one is for the air con, but whitch one and some one has told me they have differant speeds on them ......so can some one tell me how to test each one .
many thanks
99 vectra fans help - Dynamic Dave
Front one is the one for the aircon. Rear one is for the engine radiator.

The aircon one should be on when the AC is on.

When you say "temp goes quite high" - how high a temperature are you talking about?

IIRC, the rad fan should kick in at around 90 to 95 C.
99 vectra fans help - hackett
hi dave the back one does kick in around that temp but doesnt seem to really cool it down and some time one of the 30 amp fuses blow in the holder next to the battery.
99 vectra fans help - hackett
the front fan for the air con does not run at all .so i think is gone .how can i test it directly to be sure its not a fuse somewhere.
and where can i caet a new one from.
99 vectra fans help - elekie&a/c doctor
Both fans are used for cooling the the radiator and a/c condenser.They are 2 speed motors.When the a/c system is turned on then both fans runs at slow speed.It is very common for the front fan to fail.It can be tested as follows;On top of the radiator is a large black plastic connector with 3 wires attached.Brown is the negative(earth).speeds 1 & 2 are black and red.The fan can be powered up directly from the battery.hth
99 vectra fans help - hackett
thanks forr the reply
i have just put two leads from the battery to the front fan 3 pin plug neg to brown then pos to the red or the black and nothing happens .so is this broke. also when i put the ac on the back fan does not run on slow speed but the ac is cold inside the car as i only had it regassed 6 months ago and leak tested. ....
pleas help what can i check. now..
99 vectra fans help - elekie&a/c doctor
Fan broke I'm afraid!! The system will function ok,but obviously extra load is being put on the cooling/ a/c system as there is now inadequte cooling air flow.Replacement of the front fan motor requires removal of bumper.
99 vectra fans help - hackett
hi eleckie doctoe,
when you say the fan can be powered up do you mean it will spin when putting the wires off the battery ,to it as when i put my two testers on it ,nothing happened so as you said the fan is broke .so i tried it on my mates vectra and when i put it on his it still didnt spin but the light in the tester came on to show we had a circuit, so should it spin or am i doing it wrong .the testers im using are like electrical probes with lights in them and croc clips on the other ends.....
thanks dave
99 vectra fans help - elekie&a/c doctor
The fan motor should be connected directly to the battery .No testers with lights required.If it does not spin the motor is u/s.Brown to earth and either the red or black to positive.Watch your fingers just in case it does decide to spin up!!
99 vectra fans help - hackett
hi elekie&ac doctor

thanks for your help you have been a great help.
fan was broke so got a second hand one from scrap yard for £15.00 and tested it as you said ..bang on.so its being fitted tomorrow at the garage as my car is in for a service..

once again thanks


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