Car Written off - Questions - IanJohnson
Wife's car has been written off by insurer - no fault accident and other party admitted fault. Never been in this position before so not sure how it works.

Does her contract of insurance continue or does it die on payout (payout coming from other insurer - not hers)

Does shee need to chase recovery of her excess and other costs from the other insurer or should her insurer do this?

Does a gap insurer have any input into the value of the payout on the car? It does affect ths size of the cheque he will be sending us.
Car Written off - Questions - Peter D
Your insurance company will deal with all of that but you will need to get GAP upto spped. Beware your insurance comapny may not cover the cost of a courtesy car after a write off ( Very Common ) No your insurace stays alive and just moves onto the replacement car. Insome cases they also credit you the time bewtween the loss and purchase of the replacement car. Regards Peter
Car Written off - Questions - Wally Zebon
No your insurace stays alive and just moves onto the replacement car.

Not convinced on this one. It may depend on the insurance company though. I was insured with and on payout they terminated the policy. I then had to get a new policy for my new car.

Car Written off - Questions - Falkirk Bairn
Depends on who is to blame - no fault and claim against 3rd party - your insurance keeps running.
Car Written off - Questions - IanJohnson
Further complication was that we told TESCO that we wanted the car repaired by aqn Audi approved repairer and they wanted their repairer - difference being Tesco wanted warranty on repaired parts but we wanted to maintain AUDI warranty on whole car as less than 2 years old. Payout offer is from other party's insurer, not come to us through Tesco.
Car Written off - Questions - Dalglish

peterd said:
... Your insurance company will deal with all of that ..

not in my experience.
unless peterd has an inside knowledge of the insurance industry and knows different, i think:
a. if you claim off your comprehensive insurance, they will pay out your insured loss according to your policy. if you have legal expenses cover, they will refer you to them for chasing up on your uninsured losses. read your policy carefully.
b. if you are 100% sure it was "no-fault" of the first party (i.e. you), your best bbet is to calim direct from the third party's insurer and avoid involving the second-party (i.e. your insurer).
c. if you do not have the time, inclination, or the psychological make-up to do it yourself, employ someone like or read up about them on their website to see what you may be entitled to get.
refer to the other thread

Car Written off - Questions - Falkirk Bairn
Ins companies in some cases give car-hire cover for 7 days after they issue a cheque as you cannot buy a new car immediately - the cheque has to clear b4 you can buy a car with their money.
Car Written off - Questions - No FM2R
>>Your insurance company will deal with all of that

Uhhh, no they won't.

If you have third party insurance they won't touch it at all.
If you have comprehensive they will deal with your car, but not your excess or other uninsured losses.
If you have some kind of legal services or uninsured loss recovery service, then they will deal with excess and the like.

As to whether or not your insurance stays alive, then that would depend on the company and the policy. Usually if they pay out on a write off then the policy is cancelled. A credit for the time between loss and purchase of the replacement would only arise if the policy was suspended for that period of time. That would be unwise until the payout was acutally made - wrecks have been stolen before and that could be disastrous. So, wait until owneerhip has passed before thinking of that.

Car Written off - Questions - IanJohnson
We are now dealing with two disgruntled insurers - Tesco because we told them we did not want to use their repairer (aluminium car) and Churchill because we have just told them they cannot have the V5 (written off) until DVLA issue one with a new number as we want the private plate transferred to a retention certificate and we cannot send it back to DVLA for re-issue until we have a letter from Tesco saying they have no claim on the number!

Experience has led SWMBO to be inclined to renew with Churchill rather than TESCO since she needs lots of credit on her PAYG phone to risk ringing TESCO - ran out of credit at the side of the road the day of the accident! She gets straight through to a person when she rings Churchill!
Car Written off - Questions - DavidHM
So that would be:

Churchill (a Direct Line brand) vs. Tesco (a Direct Line brand).

Incidentally it might be cheaper to phone a normal landline rather than an 0845 or 0870 from your mobile: try 0113 3904000 from
Car Written off - Questions - Altea Ego
So that would be:
Churchill (a Direct Line brand) vs. Tesco (a Direct Line brand).

to the same call centre.
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