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According to today?s Telegraph there are 1.55 million untaxed cars on the road, of which 3 out 4 are thought to be involved in other criminal activities. 1.3 million late payment notices were issued but these only resulted in 465,000 people paying up. 216,000 people were taken to court but of these only 21,600 paid up. Gives one some doubts about the effectiveness of the legal system and the work of DVLA and makes one wonder how this road charging is ever going to be made to work! Still, DVLA can always make monetyon the side by illegally selling your details to 3rd parties so that's OK then!
Road Tax Dodgers - madf
"216,000 people were taken to court but of these only 21,600 paid up"

the Criminal Injustice System. Again!

I see David Milliband is proposing each citizen has a Personal Carbon Tax Allowance. It will be easy to administer he says.

My reply is once you get the basics right...If you ccannot collect Car Tax.. easy and visible or the fines .. it's all a waste of time.

I wonder how many non payers receive gov't benefits of any type?

However given the fact that the NI system does not work either, are we surprised?

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Put the duty on the Excise Licence.

All pay and in proportion to the use of the road.

Simple innit?

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By all means put the RFL money on to the petrol but you would still be better having a RFL (niominal amount say £10) as this ensures that a car/van or whatever is Insured and has an MoT at one point in the year.

Suggest RFL @ say £10 with fines of £100-£200 for not having a RFL.
Make the punishment more than fit the crime.

Currently people avoid paying say £170 RFL and are fined £50 in the unlikely evet they are caught by VOSA or the police.
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just make number plates the road tax and also make them applicable to your zip code ,compulsary purchase all private plates already sold at 10 pence in the pound and give everyone a green hat ..........hows that ;-0
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applicable to your zip code ,>>

Wos a zip code?
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No, this doesn't ensure that the vehicle is mot'd and insured. As proven by the numbers of un-insured and non mot'd vehicles currently on the road. Enforcement is the only way to ensure it. The trick is finding the most effiecient means to collect and enforce the tax.

The most effiecient (and fair) way to collect RFL is via the existing fuel duty (although this is political suicide).

The most effiecient way to enforce insurance and mot? Surely it's got to be the ANPR cameras. Traffic wardens and PC's on the beat could easily radio in to check vehicles while 'out on the street' or we could implement an insurance disk that goes in the windscreen.

It all makes sense but can only be implemented by those in power. None of this would win votes.......

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Put the road tax duty on fuel as suggested, and then have an electronic chip in the fuel cap of every vehicle with the vehicles registration details on - so when the pump nozzel is connected, it can check the MOT and Insurance details for the vehicle against the various databases before allowing fuel to flow, kind of like how the internet buying of road tax works now - no Insurance or MOT = no fuel = no uninsured or un MOT'd vehilces being driven.

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A few weeks ago I dobbed in a guy up the road with a ropey old van, no tax, and 2 completely bald tyres. Police told me road tax was nothing to do with them, and I'd have to call DVLA, and they'd send a fake copper round to look at the tyres.

The van's still there untaxed, and the tyres are still bald. Wasted my mobile phone bill there, so shan't bother next time as nothing gets done. Maybe they should spend some of their advertising budget, telling us all how they know where we all are, on enforcement.

Not surprising there's so many illegal vehicles if nobody get
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report it online here Dave
Its free as well and does work ................up here anyway........


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