306 tailgate gas strut - scfc_151
i am thinking of changing the gas struts on my 306 as im sick of getting smacked on the head everytime i go in the boot. I was wondering if any other struts would fit a 306 hatchback as im looking for cheap ones on ebay

i thought maybe a saxo, citroen ax etc may fit?

has anyone ever replaced these?
306 tailgate gas strut - mss1tw
Citroen ZX is the same I believe
306 tailgate gas strut - blue_haddock
Saxo, AX and 106 won't fit as the boot is a lot smaller so the struts won't open a 306 hatch as far as you need it to.
306 tailgate gas strut - bell boy
massarati quattropole is the same.............................i think.................
how much are the real macoy at dealers if you intend keeping car? must be cheaper than loads of sticking plasters and bandages and waiting at a and e every time you go down tesco"s?
306 tailgate gas strut - ChrisMo
They're £15.60 +vat each at german swedish & french, could be worse.

306 tailgate gas strut - Ian G
Could be worse indeed - my partner's Celica (1996) struts have gone, and we got a quote of £200 including vat for these from Toyota.

Couldn't believe it. And there's no pattern parts available either.

I just think of opening the boot as a free workout, instead of the gym.


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