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H i can anyone help my daughter bought a BMW Mini Convertable paid £25000 for it had an accident in it where she hit some ice and went into a very deep ditch,despite us getting 2 independant garages to put in writing that it was beyound econmical repair and that my daughter reapetadly phoned the insurance company to say that she did not want the the car repaired because the year before her brother died in a road crash they went ahead and repaired it. it was repaird by a BMW bodyshop,we have tried to sell it ever since but no luck as people can see that it has been repaired it does not show on the HPI list when we did get some one to consider buying it he phoned the bodyshop and they very kindly told him that it been in a major accident and the repair bill came to £16000 insurance company wont pay compensation as they are saying that some where in the small print they wont pay compensation so we are stuck with a car we cannot sell due to it being repaird and not worth any like it should be if it hadent been involved in a accident
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If the car has been repaired by BMW it should not be apparent in anyway that it has been. If this is the case you should take it back to BMW and have the repair performed correctly. Once done then the vehicle should look as good as it did before the accident and hence enabling you to sell it.

Compensation-loss of value - local yokel
How/why can people see that it has been repaired? If the repair is visible, then it has not been done properly, and you need to take it up again with the insurance company, as they have paid for a sub-standard repair.
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I believe that from the initial post, the repair has been done correctly. If it hasnt then the insurance company should be putting it right.

Most people spending that much on a car will thoroughly check a car and even the best repair can be spotted by someone who knows there stuff.

It sounds like you were unlucky, I think most insurers would have written the car off.

Compensation-loss of value - daveyjp
£16,000 is a serious amount of work. The only time I've had bodywork repairs the cost was £2500 (back end of a Focus). The job was very well done, but if you looked close enough for long enough there were one or two small tell tale signs that the car had had some work.
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How do you get a £25,000 mini?

Best I can rack up brand new is £19,000 if I spec full leather and bling wheels.
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Compensation-loss of value - bell boy
i tried all configurations and could only get it to £19,965 with all the bling...........
Compensation-loss of value - SjB {P}
i tried all configurations and could only get it to £19,965
with all the bling...........

Same value as I got.
Still a hill of cash for a Dinky Toy.
Compensation-loss of value - rtj70
Ticked all the options on a Cooper S Convertible (well some are incompatible) and came up with £29,580!!!! For a Mini! I cannot believe you can add over £11k of extras to any normal car.

This figure does include the £3600 John Cooper works kit though... also cheated by not taking chilli pack I think but then adding most of the options.
Compensation-loss of value - Dalglish

read this -
Compensation - Loss of Value - AdrianM Mon 26 Jan 04 10:20

note - the link in that thread which i refer to is to the defunct "iob" - i.e. insurance ombudsman bureau. their replacement is the
where you can search their publications for their opinion about car valuations or seek help to find the old archived material from the iob.


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