Puma - Vanishing Brake Fluid - BigDai
Can anyone offer some advice please. SWMBO runs a 2000 1.7 Puma. Recently it has taken to using up brake fluid. No sign of a leak anywhere. She took it to the Ford main dealer today & they have checked & can't find where it's going either. Any ideas ?
Puma - Vanishing Brake Fluid - bell boy
being sucked into the engine and burnt?
Puma - Vanishing Brake Fluid - Civic8
Not certain off this car,so may be wrong,rear seal may have gone on the master cylinder leaking into servo,suggesting maybe the seals have gone on master cylinder leaking back.

As I said could be wrong?, let us know
Puma - Vanishing Brake Fluid - stuartl
Sounds like a master cylinder fault to me.

An emissions check might show up something being burnt that shouldn't be............

Puma - Vanishing Brake Fluid - Peter D
You do not tell us how much fluid you have lost but if there are no visible leaks then you may find your brake servo has got the lost fluid due to a master cylinder seal failure. Get it checked out ASAP as this is a safety issue. Regards Peter
Puma - Vanishing Brake Fluid - mss1tw
I never knew or would have ever thought that brake fluid could make it's way to the cylinders. Interesting!
Puma - Vanishing Brake Fluid - Collos25
It the fluid is getting into the Servo unit it be could sucked into the engine,I would sugest further investigation pronto as once its vanished the car will not stop one day.
Puma - Vanishing Brake Fluid - misterbarbel
Had this exact problem with my 96 fiesta. The master cylinder was had a seal fault resulting in fluid loss, most of the fluid ended up in the servo so the leak was difficult to see.
Puma - Vanishing Brake Fluid - BigDai
Apparently, when she took it to the dealer, they checked the servo & also took the master cylinder off but no sign of fluid leak anywhere. This is the second time it has happened - first occasion was around this time last year. Strange thing is that both occasions have been about a month after is was serviced & MOT'd.
Puma - Vanishing Brake Fluid - bell boy
have you considered that a trainee may have bled the brakes on both service occassions once to change pads once to change fluid and both times due to difficulty of seing resevoir level he didnt replenish to the max level after centralising all pads and shoes?

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