Audi A6 2.6SE - will not start - SS069
Morning folks,

I have very recently (Friday morning) purchased a 1996/P plate Audi A6 2.6 SE Auto.....saloon

Drove it home & went out for a drive in her that weekend, loverly to drive, but went out to the car yesturday (Saturday) morning & it wouldn't start.

I had a mess around with her yesturday by...
1 - checked all the fuses & relays (swapping with some out of a breakers yard)
2 - plenty of fuel in her - I checked the pressure at the fuel filter & there's plenty of fuel squirting out !
3 - checked the spark plugs & there is no spark at the plugs.
4 - Checked the ignition modules at the front of the engine, but still no spark

So I'm presuming that the gadjet that sends the spark to the plugs isn't working - what module sends the spar to the plugs ?

Could it be some sort of cut off switch ? - do the A6's have a hidden switch anywhere as the Fords do ??

What do you lot think that it could be ???
Audi A6 2.6SE - will not start - mark25
Ringing the last owner and asking if they have any idea what the problem is could save a lot of fault finding time.
Audi A6 2.6SE - will not start - SS069

Sorry, I should have mentioned it - the previous owner was a collegue & I have already asked him - he's a honest guy so have no doubt in his work.

Audi A6 2.6SE - will not start - jc2
All modern vehicles have this switch or similar;it's to cut-off fuel/spark in case of an accident.
Audi A6 2.6SE - will not start - mark25
It's probably not a cut-out switch if the fuel pump's running. From memory those engines have two seperate Fi systems, start with the parts that are common to both cylinder banks. If it ran well yesterday, i would start with electronic possibilities; imobilisers, etc. Make sure the zero throttle switch on the throttle body(s) is/are making. It may also be worth opening the fuel pump and ECU relays and cleaning between the contacts with something non-abrasive, paper, etc. You could also try gapping the plugs to their minimum gap.

Good luck

Audi A6 2.6SE - will not start - Bill Payer
Just a wild guess - but especially as the car is new to you and you might have been 'playing' with it. Try locking the car with the remote, leaving it for a minute, then unlocking it with the remote and try to start it again. Try with both keys, if you've got two.
I've had this happen on several different makes of cars.
Audi A6 2.6SE - will not start - El Dingo
It could be the hall sender - located in the distributor, this provides engine position info to the engine management.

El Dingo.
Audi A6 2.6SE - will not start - bell boy
i would definately go with the immobilisor,get the handbook out and read the section carefully.
I got the wrong key on a renault when i was 60 miles from work in the thing ,i blipped the door got in answered the phone and put the flat battery key in the ignition and the immobilisor kicked in and wouldnt start,i spent the best part of half an hour looking a fool in a car park and i couldnt get it started,i rang a mate to come and recover me and i sat and waited when i had the idea to disconnect the battery (luckily easy on renaults) left it off for 5 minutes put it back on got the right key with good batteries and it fired straight up,apparently they work on a rolling tumbler,this may be your problem if one key has been used 50 times.
if you disconnect the battery remember you will lose the radio code

good luck.......
Audi A6 2.6SE - will not start - SS069
Tried disconnecting the battery yesturday evening (Sunday) but no change.

There is a light on the dash that telly you that the correct key is inserted & recognised.
Audi A6 2.6SE - will not start - SS069
Is there a distributor on these - I thought that they were coil packs only ?

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