Polish Advice - mastiff
I am looking for some advice on polish.
Over the last 18 months I have bought several types of polish But having a serious back problem have not got around to polishing my car. Anyway I bought one of those electric buffers and am determined to polish my car, the question is out of these which is the best.
Turtle Wax clear vue.
Auto Glym.
Ultra Glaze.

Thanks in advance Roger
Polish Advice - Citroënian {P}
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I think BigBadDave is out in Poland at the moment, he may be able to assist.

Ho ho ho....

Seriously, I've heard a lot of good reports about Zymol, but the really good stuff is really expensive. I use a general Zymol wax on our cars and it works very well. Auto Glym also get good write ups (helpfully, you'll also find people recommending the others too).

So I'd vote for Zymol (and I've used two of the others)

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Polish Advice - mike hannon
Beat me to it with the comment, Citroenian...
I've always used Turtle Wax and the friend who runs a classic car sales business always asks me what I use because he can't believe it isn't something more expensive.
It's easy too, even without an electric buffer - you need to be careful how you use that.
Polish Advice - Hamsafar
I read that the liquid Zymol you can buy In Halfords is really Turtle Wax, and they are licensing the name - and the address on the bottle is the same as Turtle Wax HQ. I found this wax to be rubbish.

Years ago I had a solid cyan coloured zymol in a tub, and HD Cleanse, these were 10x better, but the hard wax dried up.
Polish Advice - Roberson
If it has to be out of the 4 you suggest, I'd say Zymol.

Haven't tried Ultra Glaze, but Autogym is an entirely average product and is overrated. As for Turtle Wax clear vue, it was OK (twists face) but nothing startling but the three stage process was all a bit of a faf. I almost bought some Zymol after many people told me it was good, but ended up with this instead: www.bilthamber.co.uk/autobalmcomparison.html

Won't be using anything else ever again.

Polish Advice - Mondaywoe
I recently tried Meguiars for the first time (3 bottles - 3 stage process - blinking hard work!) I would say it's definitely better than Autoglym (I used to use the resin followed by liquid gloss) The shine is better with Meguiars, it lasts better and seems to protect better. It's also less messy than the Autoglym (white powder everywhere!)

Haven't tried Zymol though.

Polish Advice - steveb
My take on this is that it depends on what finish your paint has - metallic or non-metallic.

I also use the Meguiars 3 stage process on my Leon (non-metallic extreme blue) with excellent results. Agree it requires dedication and effort, and to best effect a double application of the final wax.

My other car with a metallic finish comes up shiny with most other products - I use Meguairs NXT Booster Spray Wax at the moment which is also excellent. I have also used Zymol and Autoglym Super Resin and Extra Gloss etc with equally good results.

Polish Advice - Vansboy
The Zymol wash smells really nice!

But for your waxes....

All in there!

Polish Advice - andymc {P}
If you go to www.dervhead.com/xmb/ and click on the "Detailing" section, there is more advice and knowledge than you can shake a leather mitt at. Some people on there are SERIOUS about detailing their cars.
I have never bothered reading any of it! My car would belong in the "Filthy Showcase" section.
Vroom, vroom - mmm, doughnuts ...
Polish Advice - Xileno {P}
Forget all four of those and get some Mer.
Polish Advice - barchettaman
www.detailingworld.co.uk would be a good start - maybe you would want to ´clay´ the car first for example, if you´re going for a really good finish, there is a good article on that site.
I got an orbital polisher this season, and the results (even with Autoglym...) are sensational.
Polish Advice - L'escargot
You'll have to wash the car first anyway, so just wash it with Turtle Wax "Zip Wax" and then dry it with a chamois leather. This way polishing is not necessary.
Polish Advice - No FM2R
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Polish Advice - mastiff
The 4 brands I mentioned are ones that I have purchased meaning to use but have never got around to it.
Not wanting to buy another bottle it has to be one of those and it looks like it will be the Zymol.The dervhead site is good.
Thanks for taking the time to give advice. I will have to get a translation before I answer that last one.
Polish Advice - scott1s
I was an AutoGlym fan for years. Had a bottle of Turtle Wax around and to be quite honest blows A G away - and costs less. I do my car every couple of months or so anyway if I can (had to with A G as I felt it didn't last long) and T W feels a good hard coating.
PS ANyone else think that the detergent used in pressure washes strips the polish away?
Polish Advice - Group B
Mastiff - if your back problem rules out using lots of elbow grease, you ought to try Turtle Wax 'Wax It Wet'. Normally I can only rarely be bothered to spend the time and effort waxing my car, but I used this stuff 2 weeks ago and did the whole car in the time it usually takes to do one door.
Its a trigger spray bottle that you spray on while the car is still wet, then just wipe it off with a chamois; I was quite sceptical but am now amazed at how well it works. And IIRC it came joint top in a recent Auto Express test, better than lots of 'proper' polishes.
I dont know how well its protecting against tree sap and bird muck, but in terms of water beading, it seems very good.
Polish Advice - Stuartli
A leading car magazine regularly tests various car waxes and polishes - Turtle Wax is always rated very highly. I use both Autoglym and Turtle Wax (the latter is the soft paste version in the round can which is easy to apply and polish off afterwards). Tesco sold it off for just 55p a can about a year ago and I wish I'd bought more now...:-(

I don't use wash and wax products as it invariably leaves a residue of wax on the windscreen and the inevitable problem of smearing when using the wipers - a real bind at night.

Simonez used to do a wax-free car wash product but it doesn't, unfortunately, seem to be available any more.
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