mitsubishi gdi idle control valve - zippy1006
Can anybody tell me where the idle control valve on my 2001 1.8 carisma gdi engine is please. I'm going to check this before going down the "new throttle body road. It's lacking power when you put your foot down, as well as the standard idle problems, so i guess it is the throttle body but ill check everything else first.
Also the car is pinking like crazy even though ive just done a full service on it including new mitsubishi plugs in it. Any ideas!


mitsubishi gdi idle control valve - Spanner
Not sure on this make/model but a general rule is follow the air intake pipe-work from the air filter housing to the throttle body/throttle switch. The idle control shold be around this area and acts as a bypass to the throttle butterfly when throttle is closed. It will either be a metal cylindrical or black plastic unit with hoses going into it. Sorry I can't be anymore specific as my data software doesn't show image or location of idle control unit.

However it does say it should take approx 42 mins to replace if a garage does it.


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