bmw 518i - frantic
i have a 1992 5 series bmw, today i was out, went to wind up the electric windows and found they have stopped working. got home went to lock the car and found the central locking is no longer working either. i also notice the interior light no longer comes on. is this a common fault with them. i have checked all fuses etc including the ones under the back seat. all seems o.k. but cant find the fault or why it would affect all door electrics. any help would be much appreciated
many thanks
bmw 518i - Pugugly {P}
Checked the relays.
bmw 518i - frantic
can i check to see if a relay is o.k.?
bmw 518i - elekie&a/c doctor
Have you checked the operation of the wipers?If these are not working also,then I would suggest that the main 80amp fusible link has fractured.Follow the positive "spur" lead from the battery to a plastic box near the o/s/f suspension turret.Open the cover to reveal the strip fuse.Carefull inspection should show a hairline crack.
bmw 518i - debugslife
I think it is the fusible link too. I just wanted to add that somebody on a forum that I read refused to believe that it was broken. He kept saying that he had inspected it and couldn't see any crack. I think it would be wise to unbolt it first and see if it falls to bits.
bmw 518i - frantic
it was the 80 amp fuse type thing. sorted for 30 pence and hours of headache. i was expecting the worst.
many thanks
a very relieved beemer driver.

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