F1 question - perleman
Sorry I know this isn't totaly relevent but it does relate to cars. I was at Silverstone today & noticed all the cars seem to blip around the corners - my colleague who I was with said that it is the engine management system of the cars causing the cars to deliberately misfire to help them slow down on approach to corners. Is this true? It seems a bit far fetched to me?

F1 question - tanvir
It's the traction control, so in a way your friend is correct
F1 question - Manatee
If what you're referring to sounds like a misfire then I agree it's the traction control - but that would be when getting back on the throttle coming out of a corner rather than slowing down beforehand when you are more likely to hear the rapid sequential downchanges.
F1 question - Imagos
Be brave.. ask one of the pit crew, if you get near one!

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