How much should it cost?... - Machina
I have been putting off having my brake pads on my P reg. ford fiesta replaced, and today, the noise of scratching forced me down to my local garage to have them dealt with. Even when driving with out brakes engaged, they scratch occasionally, especially when turning. So i had to have them done ASAP, as it was nearly 5pm. So, I left it with the garage, they say it will be at least 2 days befor ethey can do the work. I have heard that the two front brake pads will need replacing from from my Haynes manual, as you shouldn't just do the one, otherwise uneven braking. I am pretty sure they will have to replace the brake discs also :P As I did leave it a while. Anyway, my question is, As i was told that it would come to around £125 VAT, so maybe £150, does this sound correct? As I'm not too clued up ya see. Thanks :)
HOW much should it cost?... - robcars
Depends who is doing it etc but would expect $80 - 100.
HOW much should it cost?... - Armitage Shanks {p}
You will need to replace 2 pairs of brake pads = 4 and probably the discs too and don't expect much change out of £200 - depending on what part of the coutry you are in!
HOW much should it cost?... - DavidHM
£125 + VAT is a comedy price for front pads only on the Fiesta.

My father paid £40 (!) from a Ford Rapid Fit on a Focus, to give you an idea, and whilst that is astonishingly cheap, £60 should do it unless you're going to a franchise. No wait either.

Price is still possibly slightly high if it includes discs though, depending on where you are.

Incidentally, if you wait until the scratching becomes bad then the chances are you're wearing away the discs which might otherwise have been fine, so waiting could have been a very false economy - far more expensive than paying interest on the £60 even from a kneecap credit place.
HOW much should it cost?... - Roberson
I can't see how (unless you're unfortunate enough to be in London city centre) how a pads and disk change can be anywhere near some of these estimates on this Fiesta. Isn't the same basic set up that?s found on the Mk3? Pads and disks for my Polo, to which I imagine the Fiesta is quite similar in the brakes department, are less than £30 with VAT. So, even if we allowed £40 for parts and about an hours labour, it shouldn't be more than £80-100 max?
HOW much should it cost?... - redviper
Why not buy a Haynes manual for around £15 the brake pads for about £30 and D.I.Y?

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HOW much should it cost?... - L'escargot
£140 for front discs and pads at a Ford dealer.
HOW much should it cost?... - Machina
Well, I just got it from the garage, and it came to just under £90 :) seems ok to me, they did both sides(pads), but didnt need to replace discs. And I live in SE london. Does this seem right? seemed good to me. And I got a haynes manual, but if I had attempted to fix them myself, I'd be forking out ten fold for the damage I'd do no doubt :P
HOW much should it cost?... - Civic8
>>Does this seem right?

Yes, for SE london
HOW much should it cost?... - MichaelR
Sounds expensive to me - I paid £110 to have the front pads AND discs changed on my 99 Mondeo 2.0 - who says small cars are cheaper to run..
HOW much should it cost?... - catcher
Machina, from your comments you clearly have limited knowledge and confidence in your own ability to do DIY jobs on your car. Although changing brake pads and disks is a fairly simple job for anyone who knows what they are doing, I would advise you to leave safety items such as brakes to professionals unless you can get someone to show you what to do and check your work until you build your competence. Working from a Haynes manual is OK if you've got some experience of working on cars. I know you've had the job done anyway but worth bearing in mind for future.

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