accident repair - hj1978
hi all, i looking for some advice here.

about 6 weeks ago somebody ran in the back of me and today the car has finally gone in for repair, and my main concern is, am i going to get the car back in saleable condition and if i dont can i reject it?

i obviously do not want the car back if all the lines are out of sync and there is visible damage repair.

now ive been told by a mate that if the floorpan is in anyway damaged, i can reject the car and the insurance company have to write the car off.

problem is i couldnt tell if the floorpan was damaged because i couldnt open the boot...

now lets say the car comes back and its a mess, so i reject it. the insurance company will offer me trade value, which would not buy me a replacement in a million years.

but if i do accept an obviously repaired car, im going to make a loss selling.

all this coz some idiot cant find his brake pedal!

so what do i do?

all suggestions appreciated...
accident repair - bell boy
get an independant report done on the repair before you sign for it if you are that worried,i take it it went to the insurers preferred repairers rather than the one you wanted ? yes? why then if you have not got the faith?
accident repair - hj1978
the bodyshop does seem quite reputable anyway (evans halshaw), but they said its not theyre decision to write the car off if need be. that is up to the insurance company (highway insurance).

i just dont want a car back thats been evidently repaired after an accident if possible.
accident repair - Altea Ego
If, by looking at it, and without removing trim and carpets, you can easily see where its been repaired then reject the repair. If you cant then its fine as no one else will spot it and hence it wont loose any residual value.
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