N plate Rover 416 - welshy
I have purchased a Rover 416 BUT the car is loosing water now , when the car is revved I can see a shooting of water coming from just behind the exhaust manifold . I have been told its the head gasket gone , seems strange considering the car has only done 45,000 miles and there is no oil in with the water and vise versa . Any ideas or was the mechanic right ?
N plate Rover 416 - bell boy
youve bought a rover 416?
its leaking water?
is mechanic right?
who knows?
question for you?...........why did you buy it???
N plate Rover 416 - welshy
Because it was low mileage .
N plate Rover 416 - Civic8
Sounds like your Mech is right,46k is too low a mileage,do the MOT certs verify the mileage.

Also what does the service history say,ie has it had regular services including coolant changes and brake fluid changes,at correct times-not mileage though-the coolant changes are most important on this car.

But HGF can occur at any time on these so nothing new
N plate Rover 416 - Xileno {P}
Do not drive this car any further, you may be able to save it in time. K Series HGF at this mileage doesn't come as any surprise.
I expect the water heated inlet manifold gaskets have gone, causing the leak.

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